The reasons for NOT cutting hair during pregnancy

Why not cut your pregnancy hair

Some expectant mothers consider it almost a fixed rule cut hair during pregnancy, because, as is well known, children from an early age tend to cling to them and pull them mercilessly. Plus, if the term of your pregnancy is in the summer or soon after, enduring the heat with your baby bump is an added push to give up your long hair in the name of some relief and the prospect of drying it in minutes. Still, having long hair also has its usefulness during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Hair is more beautiful in pregnancy

As is known, during pregnancy the natural cycle of the hair changes and the hair appears thicker and softer in general. Showing off a nice long cut a la Kate Middleton showing our hair in all its new splendor and receiving compliments will allow us to feel more beautiful at a time when we badly need it! Long hair is a lifesaver in winter ... Especially on those mornings when you rushed out to sleep in the stroller, and while he is harnessed as if a Trans-Siberian crossing expected him, you forgot to wear a scarf and hair. In these cases, having long hair can mean the difference between a common cold and a good flu.

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  • Long hair distracts attention

From the belly, from the breasts that are suddenly doubled in volume during the feeding, from the gruel stain on the shirt and from the tired face and without make-up. It is true that during the puerperium often the hair falls out more, and becomes duller and without volume, but in any case the long hair always has its own reason and adds femininity.

  • Long hair requires little maintenance

Going to the hairdresser can be tricky during the first few days or months as a mom. A long cut is what allows us to stay even three or four months without setting foot in a salon - to the benefit of the wallet too - especially if we are able to create some quick and cute hairstyles. Long hair can be washed less. This doesn't sound good, but it's a reality. Everyone can find time to take a shower, sure, but for an exhausted new mom it might be much more important to stay on the sofa 10 more minutes (maybe the first few of the day) than to wash. With long hair you can skip a few shampoos without looking like refugees on the run, just have an extra supply of good quality dry shampoo.

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