The right socks during the 9 months

The right socks during the 9 months

Stockings in pregnancy

During the nine months it is important to choose the right clothing, clothes that are comfortable and do not tighten the belly too much, that are fashionable and feminine and that follow the shapes of the changing body. And the socks also have their importance. We see the right use of stockings during pregnancy


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During pregnancy i hormonal changes, weight gain, pressure from the uterus can promote the appearance of varicose veins, but the hereditary factor also plays an important role. One in two women suffer from venous disorders during gestation and the varices will likely regress spontaneously in the months following delivery. To prevent varicose veins it is important to follow a correct diet, do physical activity, with targeted exercises (for example a daily rotation of the ankles), make jets of cold water on the ankles and often keep the legs raised.

Le specific stockings for pregnancy they are often colorful and trendy but have some important aspects that distinguish them from normal socks: they are made of breathable fabric, have flat seams, an elasticated panel that supports and protects the baby bump and the high waist with an adjustable elastic.

The graduated compression stockings

There are gods graduated compression tights which can be useful during pregnancy to relieve heaviness in the legs and swelling, promote circulation and lighten the weight on the lower limbs. But are they really needed? And how do they work?

Graduated compression stockings are especially recommended to prevent deep vein thrombosis, the risk of which during pregnancy increases by 3-5 times. Blood volume increases by 20% in early pregnancy and even 45% towards the end, and compression stockings can be useful tools for preventing venous disorders, fighting venous insufficiency and providing relief for heavy legs.

There are various types of graduated compression stockings. There 1 class is the one indicated for a pregnancy that proceeds regularly, the 2 class it is indicated for those with venous insufficiency or after caesarean section. In particular cases, the gynecologist may prescribe the use of special anti-thrombosis stockings.

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Before buying socks it is important to measure the circumference of the ankles, thighs and the height of the tibia  
It is good to buy tights because they provide better support, while knee-highs can only be worn if there are no varices above the knee.

When to wear graduated compression stockings?

This type of socks is recommended from third month of pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after delivery. It is good to wear them every day but not at night because the legs are raised. It is also useful to wear them in summer to lighten the legs in a period of the year that can promote heaviness and swelling in the lower limbs and slow down circulation.

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