The right tips for losing weight after childbirth

How to lose weight after childbirth

It is said that it takes between nine and twelve months to get back in shape after childbirth. Of course, looking at the mothers of the world of entertainment who after a week from the happy event show off an impeccable line, it is difficult to keep theenvy.

But returning with your feet on the ground, the harsh reality is this: you do not lose weight overnight and undergoing too restrictive diets and stressful sessions in the gym puts a strain on our body, which has already experienced it during pregnancy. colors.


Tips for losing weight after pregnancy

How to lose the pounds gained during pregnancy? here are some tips

So it's better to be cautious, be patient, forget commonplaces and not rush the times. And then we give you gods tips for losing weight after childbirth:

  • No to diet if you are breastfeeding

Your baby needs a lot of specific nutrients (proteins, iron, calcium…) and you need a lot of energy to breastfeed.

  • Don't be in a hurry and take it slow

Your body during pregnancy performed a real miracle. A new life is growing within you, a new human being and you can only imagine what upheavals have occurred within you. It is therefore completely normal that after childbirth we look in the mirror and cannot see the same shape that we had before pregnancy. It takes some time, lots of patience and above all the right expectations before recovering the former form.

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Start by rediscovering the pleasure of gentle activities, which allow you to recover contact with the body and following a program of perineal re-education, which prevents uterine prolapse, incontinence and helps you get some movement. You shouldn't be in a hurry, or expect to lose weight in a few months, it usually takes a year to return to its original weight pre-pregnancy.

Furthermore, the period after childbirth is very delicate. You feel fragile and tired, the baby absorbs all your energy and this is not the right time to devote yourself to drastic diets or deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating something that gives satisfaction.

  • Get moving

Walk with the child, take a class in the pool together, do exercises at home or return to the gym as soon as possible and recommended by the doctor. It can also be useful postnatal yoga which will benefit both the body and the psyche. In any case, you must not be in a hurry, your body has seen all the colors and must be indulged. Wait at least two months before doing some gentle exercise and at least four months for cardio. Do not wear yourself out in grueling sessions in the gym, avoid doing abdominal exercises in the first months. Or join the pool, swimming helps to slim the figure, fights water retention and contact with water gives a feeling of well-being. You can also begin to resume physical activity by engaging in exercises that train the pelvic floor, severely tested by pregnancy and childbirth, in order to also work on the elasticity of the joints.

  • Massages and treatments

If pregnancy has left you with cellulite, stretch marks and pads, treat yourself to a treatment with lymphatic drainage massages that dissolve localized fat and improve circulation.

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Postpartum diet

It is forbidden to deprive yourself of any sweetness or favorite food, it is better to modify your diet in order to include healthy, light, cooked with healthier cooking methods  instead of going on a strict diet.

Basically we can list these useful tips:

  • Eat healthily

To prefer foods rich in vitamins, minerals and that provide expendable energy. If you are breastfeeding you should not go on a diet but follow an adequate diet. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and all essential nutrients ensures good health and a good mood.

  • Don't deprive yourself of a dessert

And don't deprive yourself of a piece of chocolate, the ideal is that melting, low-calorie but rich in antioxidants

  • Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot and hydrate your body adequately: water fights water retention and makes the skin more beautiful and elastic. Especially if you are breastfeeding, you cannot drink less than two liters of water a day.

  • Avoid sodas and alcohol

They contain a lot of sugar and tend to swell the stomach.

  • Limit the salt

Salt is a major cause of water retention.

  • Eat five meals a day

Eat three main meals and two snacks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). You will be less hungry for the next meal.

  • Forget the scales

It only causes stress and regulate yourself only by measuring your clothes. Or make an appointment with the scale once a week or even two weeks.

  • Make a shopping list

Just buy the things you need without falling into temptation.

How to lose weight one year after giving birth

What to do if extra pounds and an unsightly bacon resist after a year of childbirth?

  1. Changing your eating habits: it is not necessary to go on a crash diet. Just settle on 5 meals a day, three main and two snacks, eliminating fatty foods, too elaborate by eliminating sugars and complex carbohydrates;
  2. Exercise: swimming, jogging, some exercise in the gym. In reality, it is enough to start doing some moderate sport again to feel better and see yourself in better shape.

Questions and answers

When do you start to lose weight after giving birth?

After giving birth, about six kilos are generally lost which are related to the placenta, amniotic fluid and of course the weight of the baby. Returning to the old weight before pregnancy can take anywhere from six months to a year and the imperative is: don't be in a hurry.

How many pounds do you lose with breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding can put a strain on the body of the new mother who already has to recover from the fatigue of pregnancy and childbirth, so it is not recommended to go on a diet if you are breastfeeding, indeed a healthy and balanced diet is recommended. Experts believe that it is not advisable to lose more than two kilos per month if you are breastfeeding and it is good to remember that during breastfeeding you lose an average of 500 calories per day.

What to eat to lose weight while breastfeeding?

It is essential to eat balanced while breastfeeding, without letting go and eating for two. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, dairy products and derivatives, lean meats, cereals are preferred: all foods that guarantee the right amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and mineral salts. The diet of the nursing woman must guarantee an energy requirement of 500 calories more.

How do you lose weight after giving birth?

With the premise that you shouldn't be in a hurry to lose weight and that you need to take your time to be able to adapt to the new rhythms, you can certainly start losing weight by immediately setting a healthier lifestyle, preferring light and nutritious foods, taking walks. , swimming and simple exercises with the baby.

How to lose weight after caesarean delivery?

A cycle of lymphatic drainage massages can be useful, in the weeks following childbirth, to eliminate excess fluids, at the same time it is good to start immediately a simple diet, characterized by fruit, vegetables, whole grains, white meats and fish, legumes. In general, doing a little exercise and limiting the intake of fats and sugars, you immediately start to look better and in better shape.

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