The safety of children in the car, out and about, at home

La safety of child it is in top to the list of priority of all Parents. In casain auto, the fun, Our small he must feel completely safe, far from dangers and from possible accidents.

In this article we have collected a few advice that will allow you to buy the products needed for safety of yours small. In this way the child will not risk accidents unpleasant and you can enjoy the days together with him in total peacefulness.


The stroller plays a fundamental role in safety when you are away from home, whether for short or long journeys. For this it is necessary to take into consideration several aspects when buying.

Here are some technical specifications that will help you choose the safest stroller for your baby.

 •Security belt. On the market you can find strollers equipped with three-point and five-point safety belts. The latter guarantee greater safety for your baby since, in addition to keeping him still in the pelvis area, they wrap him from the shoulders along the chest, by means of two straps. For added baby comfort, make sure the straps are padded.

• Protection bar. Just like the seat belt, it is a must to ensure your child is fully protected. However, some stroller models do not have a crash bar or are sold separately. In the latter case, make sure you buy one that is compatible with your stroller model; on you can find different brands and models.

 • Freno. Some stroller models are equipped with a foot brake, positioned on the rear wheels, others with a hand brake, placed on the handle of the stroller. Both types of brakes are safe and the choice of one or the other model depends on your personal preferences. It is important that the brake is applied in the house for breaks between walks, even if for a short time, and especially when you are on sloping ground.

 •Ammortizzatori. To protect your child from possible bumps from uneven ground, shock absorbers are essential. These not only ensure a longer life span of the stroller, but also total comfort for your baby.

• Padded seat. Children's delicate backs require special precautions. Make sure the seat is softly padded on both the backrest and seat. In this way, the baby's body will not be in close contact with the stroller frame and can travel comfortably.

• Hood / Raincover. Atmospheric agents are enemies of your little one's health. When the sun is high, be sure to bring a sun canopy with you. Some models are equipped with UV protection from the sun, ideal for protecting baby's delicate skin. Don't forget to apply full sunscreen to avoid sunburn. The canopy is the indispensable accessory even in the event of wind. Against the rain, it is advisable instead to have a special rain cover, which will keep your child dry and away from humidity even in bad weather.

•Zanzariera. Mosquitoes and insects can bother your little one while you are out walking in the sun or in the park. A few pinches of insects can be very dangerous; do not take unnecessary risks and always carry a mosquito net with you. It is generally available for purchase separately.


The country legislation obliges the use of the car seat from birth up to 12 years of age. Obviously, the type of model varies according to the age and weight of the child, starting from group 0 to 3. In old age, you can replace the car seat with a seat booster, which will allow the child to be well wrapped by the belt car safety, as required by law. Remember that in the first years of life it is advisable to use the seat in the direction of the seat, even if it is approved for both directions of travel; this position ensures, in fact, greater safety for the child in the event of sudden braking or sudden accidents.

Before any use, make sure that the seat is correctly installed in the car. Some child seats are fitted with the car's three-point seat belt; Isofix car seats, on the other hand, can only be used in homologated cars equipped with Isofix hooks. For total protection, we recommend purchasing a basic car seat; those equipped with a safety leg ensure stability at the highest levels. Cybex is a reliable brand with years of experience in the production of car seats according to the law.

Even on short journeys, it is important that the child is fastened using the safety harness of the car seat. Some models are also equipped with an abdominal pillow.


Home can be a very dangerous place, especially when the child is not yet old enough to recognize the risks. There are many protective measures to be taken when there is a small creature in the house. Two are absolutely essential when the child begins to take his first steps:

<br>•Security gate. It is recommended to use it close to flights of stairs. For the child, in fact, every area of ​​the house can be transformed into a fantastic play area. The stairs are, however, very dangerous, as the little one could accidentally trip and hurt himself. A safety gate prevents accidents by redefining the child's play area. Another place in the house where its use is recommended is the kitchen. Stoves and furniture corners are very dangerous. Again, a security gate will come in handy. The ideal is to use it while you are preparing dinner and you need to take your eyes off your baby for at least a few minutes, while you are busy with food and setting the table.

<br>•Playpen for children. In addition to being very useful and having numerous uses, the playpen is a lifesaver when you are alone in the house, busy with housework, and you need to leave your baby in a safe space for a few minutes. On the market, there are several models, which vary according to shape and size. Children love them as they associate them with play time. A useful tip is to fill it with pillows and teddy bears to make your little one feel comfortable with him. Inside the playpen, the little one can also learn to take his first steps and become familiar with motor activities. When your baby is old enough to no longer need a playpen, you can use it as a toy basket.


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