The second birth: tips to get prepared

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You took the pregnancy test and it tested positive again! Yes, because you already have a baby who is sleeping in the nearby room and you are very happy. But what will this second pregnancy be like? And above all, what will the birth be like? Not everyone is the same and often a mother with a child already thinks she knows everything and has no surprises. Here are some tips to get to the second birth in peace.

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Second childbirth: advice

The second pregnancy is, for many, a very different experience from the first. After having taken the positive test, what will these nine months be like? Each wait is by itself, the symptoms can be very different and can manifest themselves in a more or less intense way compared to the previous time.


There are no studies on this, but it seems that if you suffered from nausea during the first pregnancy, you will also suffer from it during the second.

The tummy

One of the main differences between first and second pregnancy is in belly growth. At the second conception, the belly is visible in advance, in some cases already during the first trimester. This happens because the abdominal muscles, mindful of changes in the body, are less resistant and adapt faster to the growth of the uterus. 


The uterus is more sensitive, so it is possible to feel the baby's first movements as early as the sixteenth / eighteenth week.


During pregnancy, your breasts may feel less sensitive than the first time or they may not increase in size.


With the second pregnancy, breastfeeding becomes easier.


Fatigue will come from the first days. Surely this is due to the fact that you have less time to rest than in the first pregnancy. You already have a child to look after!

Mood swings

The mood swings caused by the hormonal revolution of pregnancy are usually less pronounced the second time around. This is also affected by the fact that this time you know how to manage them better

The time of delivery

As for the first birth, the average duration between labor and delivery is about eight hours. The dilation of the cervix is ​​slow and the time begins to be calculated from when the cervix is ​​completely smoothed out and the contractions occur at regular intervals, every five minutes. The second one will happen faster.

The fear is much less, since you have already given birth once. Maybe you didn't even need to attend the pre-birth course. Another good thing is that you recognize the contractions and the onset of labor. You will be able to stay home longer, to arrive at the hospital in peace.

If you have a caesarean in both cases, this time the wound will hurt less. This is more for a psychological reason than a physical one: you already know pain and you know how to deal with it.

Here's how to get ready for the second birth:

  • A couple of weeks before the expected date of the happy event, pack your suitcase with everything you need at the clinic
  • choose a hospital that is not too far from home
  • if you already have a baby, as soon as you feel the first contractions, entrust it to a trusted person
  • Agree with your partner so that he is always reachable by phone and always keep a cell phone with you

Watch out for the pelvic floor muscles

If you have already taken care of it for the first pregnancy, keeping this area "in shape" will help you manage your muscles better, avoiding certain problems such as urine loss. Try Kegel exercises, abdominal gymnastics, functional electrostimulation, but always ask your gynecologist which ones are best for you and when you can start.

Article sources: Policlinico la città

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