The story of mother Fabiana's quick birth

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Tale of a quick birth

The moment of delivery is unique and different from woman to woman. It is often said that, especially for the first birth, the labor will be very long. But this is not the case for all. Mamma Fabiana told us her birth. She was prepared for a long wait, but it didn't go as she had imagined. Here is the story of the birth of her baby: a quick birth.

It was a splendid day in early June and it had been several days that I had been "beaching" at the sea, with a nice round belly and tranquility given to me by the doctor that you would have been born in the middle / end of the month... but I'll never forget that Saturday morning. I got up with a broken heart from the disappearance (in sleep and old age) of one of our five dogs and I seemed inconsolable, I was wandering around the house with the Magone ... and then there it was! That speck of stringy blood they had told me about in the course.

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Imagine my partner's face in seeing me running or rather elegantly rolling around the house screaming that I had uncorked (I wasn't even a Don Perignon)! After a long hospital procedure (path, visit, other path and abandonment in the corridor of the undersigned by the midwives) the sentence was inescapable: "Madam, go home and come back only if the contractions increase".

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Time to get home and take a shower that there they are, intense and close contractions ... but what was happening ?! They had said that I was far away and instead ... new rush to the hospital, new process and finally the enlightened decision to hospitalize me (a bed had been freed up in my opinion) to precipitated labor. Not even time to put on my nightgown and try to stretch that out the contractions were every 3 minutes, I trudge up to delivery room to ask for help and at the door I am every 2. Very painful, so much so that I get convulsions!

The sentence is clear: I am now at 6 cm and if I want an epidural (and I want it?!?) I have to do it immediately. Needless to say, I was afraid ... what was happening? At the course I was told that it would take hours and hours and that this would make me realize that I was about to give birth but I wasn't prepared to do it in two hours. Once anesthetized and partially "doped" I had only one funny desire: brush my teeth and kiss my partner and then run to the delivery room to push!

Three thrusts, a cut to help my baby and there she is: 56 cm of doll with very light eyes like me. Her first gesture was to stretch a hand towards me, I was exhausted and scared and maybe even a little drunk due to anesthesia, but I was her mother ... a funny and clumsy mother who loved and loves her to madness.

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