The third month of pregnancy

Third month of pregnancy

Any pregnancy disorders such as nausea tend to disappear in most cases. Her body begins to change quickly and the woman begins to gain the first pounds, distributed mainly on the stomach and breasts. In some cases, unfortunately, however, her weight may have decreased instead of increasing, due to severe nausea and vomiting.

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Third month of pregnancy, when does it start and when does it end?

The beginning of the third month of pregnancy it goes from 8 weeks + 6 days and the end corresponds to 13 weeks + 1 day. 

Symptoms of the third month of pregnancy

Around the third month, the mother may experience these symptoms:
  • Movements in the belly which are not those of the child, but it is gas in the intestine, determined by progesterone, a hormone with a relaxing action on all the muscles. As a result, you may suffer from flatulence or you may feel the need to expel air.
  • Reddened gums, always caused by the action of progesterone, which causes dilation of capillaries and causes swelling and bleeding.
  • Changing mood, insomnia, and excessive fatigue.
  • The superficial veins of the sinus they begin to emerge from the increased blood supply and develop i milk ducts, the channels through which the milk will flow and be conveyed outside.

Third month of pregnancy, belly

In the third month of pregnancy, the belly begins to show. It widens the waist a little and increases the breasts. Mum's weight gains, which she may have gained by the end of week 12 about 1-2 Kg.

Third month of pregnancy, ultrasound

 By the twelfth week it is good to have the first ultrasound if you have not done so before. This will be used to establish the number of embryos, evaluate their vitality and development and to accurately date the gestational period.

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Third month of pregnancy, what to do

  • While amniocentesis is generally performed from the 15th / 18th week, the villocentesis it is performed earlier, around the 1st / 12th week, so if you want or need to perform this test, the end of this month of pregnancy is the right time.
  • With a blood sample and an ultrasound, performed between the ninth and fourteenth week of gestation, it is possible to find out if the fetus is affected by chromosomal abnormalities. We are talking about the bi-test and fetal nuchal translucency, which together give rise all'ultrascreen.
  • In this month, if you haven't already started it would be a good habit walk for half an hour every day and don't stop monitoring your diet.

Nona and tenth week: life widens slowly and early pregnancy symptoms, including frequent urinating, breast tenderness, nausea, and fatigue may persist

Weeks corresponding to the third month of pregnancy

  • Eighth week
  • Ninth week
  • XNUMXth week
  • Eleventh week
  • Twelfth week
  • Thirteenth week

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