The types of men to avoid if you are a single mom

Men to avoid if you are a single mom

You are a mom and you have been single for a long time now. You are ready for a new relationship, but you are afraid of making mistakes and falling in love with the wrong man.

Indeed these fears they have a reason for being. You have a complicated life, children to raise, lots of responsibilities and a daily lifestyle that doesn't suit everyone, so it's best to pay attention to the type of man you choose to date.

There is someone who is best avoided? To whom is it preferable not to even give a chance?
Yes of course.

For example the "tend to be depressed". He is depressed but refuses to see a specialist, is full of problems, tired and smiles little. Do you really want this for you and your baby? One who throws his problems at you too? Don't think for a moment that you can help him, that you can solve his problems. This about the Red Cross Syndrome is an old story. Escape.

Il grandmother is another type of man you should stay away from if you are a single mom. You're too far ahead for him. He may be 40 years old and still lives with his mother (and one might wonder why ...). He runs to her to change a light bulb and answers her calls at any hour. It's nice that he takes care of his mother, but too much is good.

Il neighbour is another category to avoid. This may seem like a good idea on the surface. It is easy, comfortable, accessible. But if it ends badly he will always remain your neighbor and therefore will remain in your life. You will be able to observe yourself when new boyfriends enter your life and your children will not understand why they can no longer play football in the yard with him.

And what about the Mondane? What do you miss a party, an evening or an aperitif?

Maybe you met him in the gym or on that one evening that you managed to give yourself for a year now thanks to the providential help of your mother. But what was an exception to him for you is the norm. And don't think it can change for you and your kids. Perhaps at the beginning, moved by the best of intentions, he might even try to spend the evenings with you watching movies on TV, but then the mundane side of him would re-emerge. 

He is like that.


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