Thiago name for child: diffusion, meaning and curiosity

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Thiago name

More and more widespread in the country and also in Europe, Thiago is a very trendy male name, diminutive of Santiago, name extremely popular Spanish. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning and the diffusion of Thiago name for boy.

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  • Spread of the name Thiago
  • What is the meaning of the name Thiago
  • When is Thiago's name day?
  • Thiago or Tiago?
  • Personality of Thiago
  • What zodiac sign is associated with the name Thiago
  • What is the Thiago Gemstone
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  • What is Thiago's lucky number
  • What a song to dedicate to Thiago
  • Famous people named Thiago

Origin of the name Thiago

Thiago is a Portuguese, Brazilian and Spanish name, diminutive of Santiago. According to some sources it is a derivative of the Hebrew name "Jokob". Santiago is a two-word format: the Spanish word santo ("saint") associated with Yago, an archaic Spanish form of James meaning "God protects". According to other sources Santiago has origins medieval and it is combined by two terms: the word san (saint) and the word Yago (James).


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Spread of the name Thiago

Thiago has been enjoying great popularity in recent years: according to i ISTAT data related to the most common names in the country, in 2022 183 babies were called Thiago, while in 1999 they were less than 5. More fortunate the name Santiago, also thanks to the popularity given to this name by the couple Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino who named their only son in this way. In 1999 the absolute value of Santiago was 5 but in 2022 it has risen to 699 and the numbers appear to be destined to rise.

With regard to the Tiago variant, in the country it is less popular: in 2022 the absolute value was 65, however an increase compared to the value of less than 5 in 1999.

What is the meaning of the name Thiago

Il meaning of Santiago and therefore of Thiago, could be:

  • literally St. James;
  • God protects (because the archaic form Yago means God Protects, in fact).

When is Thiago's name day?

Thiago celebrates the name day on 25 July, in memory of St. James the Greater, patron of Spain. 

Thiago or Tiago?

Thiago and Tiago are two variations of the name Santiago. In particular:

  • Tiago is the purest Portuguese and Spanish form;
  • Thiago is the Brazilian Portuguese form.
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Personality of Thiago

Thiago ha a strong temperament, decisive, is astute and stubborn, he strives to get what he wants and pursues his dreams with all his energy. Thiago is a fighter, full of willpower, he is not afraid of failure and failure or challenges represent a challenge for him that he can never give up.

E' charming and passionate, very assertive and full of self-confidence: a combination that exerts great charm on others and transforms him into a leader.

Thiago is a man of action, he always has a constructive and pragmatic approach in everything he does, he is full of energies that seem inexhaustible, and he never gives up taking action to discover the world, carry out projects, fulfill himself in life.

It is intuitive, quick in making decisions, ready to concretely solve any problem.

Thiago loves to fully enjoy the pleasures of life: he attaches great importance to human relationships, and it stands out for its unfailing dynamism and for its ability to let itself be carried away. He is good at expressing his feelings, even negative ones which often leads him to clash with others.

What profession will Thiago make? Particularly attracted and gratified by the world of commerce, tourism, sport, Thiago can find great satisfaction in all those professions that bring him into contact with others, that always put him to the test, that allow him a human and professional growth.

What zodiac sign is associated with the name Thiago?

The zodiac sign that most represents Thiago's personality is that of Taurus: stubborn, pragmatic, full of constructive energy, with a strong personality that makes him a point of reference for those around him.

What is Thiago's precious stone?

The precious stone linked to Thiago is the pirite, gold-colored and sparkling, it was considered a true talisman in ancient Greece.

What color is associated with Thiago?

The color Orange it is the one that best matches Thiago's personality: a pungent and energetic shade that represents his strong character well. It is a color that refers to the great confidence that Thiago has in himself, but also to his innate optimism.

What is Thiago's lucky number?

Il 7 is Thiago's lucky number: it refers to his natural charisma, to his ability to bring change to those around him.

What a song to dedicate to Thiago

We thought we would propose this song by Jamie Webster, Thiago Alcantara 

Famous people named Thiago

  • Thiago Alcántara, Brazilian naturalized Spanish footballer
  • Thiago Cionek, Brazilian footballer
  • Thiago Motta, Brazilian footballer naturalized el paeseno
  • Thiago Pereira, Brazilian swimmer
  • Thiago Silva, Brazilian footballer

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