Things that can happen during childbirth

WHAT HAPPENS IN THE DELIVERY ROOM - In delivery room very strange, unexpected and sometimes embarrassing things can happen. The important thing is to get there prepared and not be upset by what might happen.

For example, pooping on the bed during labor is one of the most common fears of pregnant women on the eve of giving birth. Yet it is a rather widespread and frequent circumstance. The body it's expelling an entire human being, along with a large number of other things, so that's pretty normal defecate during labor as a result of pushing.

If it can make you feel better, the medical staff are quite used to all of this and are well prepared for this: they will clean everything up in a matter of minutes without batting an eye.


Things that happen in the delivery room (PHOTO STORY)

Very strange things can happen during labor, here are a few

The same goes for the pee-pee. The pelvic floor is busy pushing to let the baby out and is already severely tested by the nine months of pregnancy: together with the baby, the mucus, the blood and everything else you will certainly find yourself unable to hold back the pee.

Maybe after giving birth try to engage in a workout for re-educate the pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises.

And again, can you imagine the strange, annoying for some, feeling of no longer having control of your body? It happens with epidural anesthesia which numbs the body from the pelvis down. The nurses may have to move or lift your legs - they will be pieces of cement and you will not be able to cooperate in any way because you will no longer feel your legs.

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And after giving birth expect to lose a lot of blood for quite a few days. Stock up on sanitary pads (the very large ones for the first few days after giving birth) and wear clothes that you can get dirty without worrying about it. Postpartum bleeding lasts between two and six weeks after birth and as the uterus clears up, the discharge becomes lighter and lighter and disappears completely.

In short, these are just some of the bizarre and somewhat annoying things that could happen to you in the delivery room. You don't have to be embarrassed, but rather arrive prepared for that moment, lower the le inhibitions and prepare yourself to live one of the most natural experiences in a woman's life.

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