Things to know if your partner is pregnant


A semi-serious list of things i

future dads

they have to keep in mind from the moment their partner finds out pregnant.

Your food is its food

When a pregnant woman says she is hungry, it means she is really hungry, and if you don't bring her food right away there is a risk that she will get very nervous. Better to always keep a stock of her favorite foods at home, favoring snacks that are eaten without having to be prepared. If the food isn't enough, she'll eat yours too. She will be furious if you innocently finish the tub of ice cream after she empties it for three quarters.

The golden rule is: never eat the last bite!


The role of the father in pregnancy and after childbirth

You will gain weight

Despite the constant stealing of food, paradoxically it is easy for you to gain weight too: how can you remain completely impervious to a person who lives with you and who eats three plates of pasta just to start? You won't put on ten pounds (maybe) but at least one first trimester bacon is easy to earn.

You will not be able to see that she has gained weight

Maybe it seems natural to you, or even fun, to watch what used to be a normal woman slowly transform into a whale more and more frequently beached on the sofa. But avoid noticing it every ten seconds: we too are able to look in the mirror (and we don't always like what we see).

An infinite sleep

While hunger increases over the months, what is present from the first few weeks is a


without equal. Forget movies in the late evening, and if you want to go to the restaurant, book for 19:30 pm. Right now your overactive ex is able to fall asleep almost anywhere. Once she is asleep, do not wake her for any reason, even if it is 16pm and you are afraid she will die of dehydration.



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Carelessness and memory lapses

The British call it "pregnancy brain" and it is, in short, the innate predisposition of pregnant women to transform themselves into the stupid and stupid version of themselves. Keep an eye on the mom-to-be who lives with you before you find yourself without a car because she no longer remembers where she parked her at the mall.


Never comment on two essential aspects: clothing and home management. Any questions like "Do you really think you're wearing that tonight?" or "More frozen pizza?" they could easily trigger World War III.

Out of control emotions

If you see her cry

in the face of the advertisement for diapers, you remain impassive. Ditto if he makes a crazy show at the supermarket just because they have finished his favorite snacks. You will walk on eggs for nine months: the only thing is to get used to it immediately. The sense of humor will only reappear upon download, so no idiotic jokes for now.



Becoming parents and not going into crisis as a couple

Forbidden to complain



in short supply? Do you have to sleep on the sofa because your ex-half now takes up well over half the bed? Has the active and likeable woman turned into a surly, lazy and touchy aunt? Well, better limit the grievances. She is pregnant, so she wins

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