Those who have sex with children in bed

Deciding to put the baby to bed in the Latvian can be a way to strengthen the bond between parents and child and promote nursing, but can represent an obstacle to the couple's intimacy and sexual understanding (Read).

Not for everyone, though. Someone even manages to make love with a child who sleeping peacefully in the bed.
And why not move to the living room or the kitchen floor can be incomprehensible to the ears of us and the townspeople.

It is not surprising that this habit is not Italian, but Swedish: Swedes are traditionally more emancipated, less conformist and freer to express their sexuality.

In fact, a survey conducted in Sweden showed how one in three couples at least once made love with the child who slept in the bed.

The researchers compared the sexual habits of Swedish and American parents and the difference was notable.
Le Swedish couples claim to have a more satisfying sex life (Read), 48% of the 600 women interviewed said they had sexual intercourse at least once or twice a week and 4% made love every day. And one in three couples said they had no problems having sex with their baby sleeping in the bed.

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In comparison the American are looking bad: 40% of the couples interviewed said they had sex very rarely (Read), to the point that if one of the parents sleeps in another bed, perhaps with their child, they are not surprised.


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La fatigue is the most used excuse to justify this lack of sexual intercourse and although 59% of couples revealed that they made love when the child was present at home, almost no one dared to allow themselves sexual intercourse with the baby who sleeps blissfully in the Latvian.

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