Thoughts and poems for Father's Day

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Poems for Father's Day

Il 19 March all the fathers are celebrated. On this special day, let's remember to send him special greetings. How? By sending him a tweet (maximum 140 characters) or an affectionate message or the most classic of poems, written on a beautiful colored sheet, or dedicated to him through a note on Facebook or even written on homemade cookies. Here are the most beautiful poems for the Father's Day.

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Poems for Dad

We offer you two long and demanding poems signed by two great authors el paeseni, Salvatore Quasimodo and Camillo Sbarbaro. Both celebrate filial love for the father, that of Quasimodo, in particular, is the memory of how the figure of the father, strong, serene and courageous, managed to drive away the fear during the terrible earthquake that shocked.

  • Father, though

Father, though

Father, if you weren't mine too

father, even if you were a stranger to me,

for yourself, equally I would love you.

Because I remember a winter morning

that the first violates on the opposite

wall you discovered from your window

and you gave us the cheerful news.

Then the wooden ladder removed from the shoulder

you left the house and leaned it against the wall.

We little ones stood at the window.

And I remember that other time

that my sister, my little one,

through the house you pursued threatening.

(the stubborn one did I don't know what)

But we reached her screaming loudly

from fear, your heart was missing:

that you saw you chasing yours

little daughter and, all frightened,

you wavering drew her to your chest

and with caresses in your arms

you wrapped yourself up as if to defend it

from that bad guy who was the you from before.

Father, if you weren't mine too

father, even if you were a stranger to me,

among all men already so much

for your child's heart I would love you.

by Camillo Sbarbaro

  • To the father

Where on the purple water

was, between broken threads

and rubble you go along tracks

and trade with your rooster cap

islander. The earthquake simmers

it has been December of hurricanes for two days

and poisoned sea. Our nights fall

in freight wagons and we infant cattle

we count dusty dreams with the dead

smashed by the irons, biting almonds

and dried apples in a garland. Science

of pain he put truth and blades

in the lowland games of malaria

yellow and tertian swollen with mud.

Your patience

sad, delicate, it stole our fear,

it was a lesson of days united with death

betrayed, to the contempt of thieves

caught in the wreckage and executed in the dark

from the shooting of the landings, one account

of low numbers that came back right

concentric, a balance of future life.

Your sun cap went up and down

in the little space they have always given you.

Even to me they measured everything,

and I brought your name

a little beyond hatred and envy.

That red of your head was a miter,

a crown with eagle wings.

And now in the eagle of your ninety years

I wanted to talk to you, with your signals

departure colored by the lantern

nocturnal, and here by a wheel

imperfect of the world,

on a full of closed walls,

away from the jasmine of Arabia

where are you still, to tell you

what I could not once - difficult affinity

of thoughts - to tell you, and they don't just listen to us

cicadas of the biviere, mastic agaves,

as the steward says to his master:

"Kiss them hands". This, nothing else.

Darkly strong is life.

by Salvatore Quasimodo


Father's day: lots of jobs for the children

Lots of ideas for chores to do together with the children to celebrate their father

Father's day rhyming poems for children

Children, even the smallest ones, love to sing or listen to the musicality of rhyming words, verses that celebrate love and great human feelings. So here are some poems to read to children dedicated to the father, and older children will be able to learn them by heart.

Dad give me your hand

big and strong I feel with you

you look at me and say softly

I am happy if you are with me.

If you take me on your shoulders

I feel like a tribal chief.

If you hold me tight to your heart

my dearest friend is you.

On the street people smile at us

and looks at us why

think you are my giant

but I am your king.

Dear Dad

Dear dad, on your party day

I want to tell you what's in my head,

what's in my heart

when you look at me with love.

Every day you hug me and protect me,

with care you help me and celebrate me,

you are patient, sweet and generous,

you make me feel strong and brave.

When I was little you used to make me fly,

today the fears you make me overcome.

Together with you I feel safe,

dear dad, you are my treasure!

I love you, keep that in mind:

hold me to my heart, cuddle me tenderly!

by Anna Costanzo

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Father's day poems for primary school

The closer to Father's Day, the more children with their teachers prepare original jobs for Father's Day and memorize a poem that they can recite in front of their father on St. Joseph's Day. Here is a selection of poems, short or more demanding, which the teachers can bring to class and read to the children.

Today I read in the newspaper

in large letters:

"It's Father's Day!"

Happy birthday in quantity!

San Giuseppe

Saint Joseph old watercolor

what do you have in the basket?

- Fresh grass, fresh violets

nests, birds and happy sun!

In the smallest corner

I have a little bow of snow,

a saucer of pancakes

and then many beautiful things!

As he arrives primareva

I sing to everyone a prayer,

the prayer of love

to Jesus our Lord

 To the distant father

Dear little bird that you go flying,

my father you will certainly see.

Tell him his baby is so good,

and that often sends him a nice kiss.

Tell him that she loves him and that she is waiting for him!

Fly, little bird, fly, fly fast!

A. Just Pertile

Father's Day

It is such a beautiful day

Father's Day,

the press, the TV

fan advertising.

And I who am little

I have so much joy in my heart

And my every word is a flower petal.

Dad I love you,

we always stay together,

the most sincere wishes

they speak of peace and happiness.

Accept these wishes

Keep them in your heart,

and I will be for you

a fragrant flower.

I hold you tight to the heart,

I hug you with love,

from today I will be better

I promise you.

Happy Father's Day.

 To my dad a kiss,

a flower to my Dad

with love

who speaks and says that

His dad happy.

Father's day phrases

Short useful phrases to write an SMS, a short message on the chat or to send your wishes for Father's Day with a simple tweet. Famous phrases, by famous authors who celebrate the unique bond that exists between a son and his father.

"March 19 is very important to us, because it is the feast of the man who love you most of all"

"To our dad, knowing that we will never be able to reciprocate enough all the affection you have given us"

"To my dad, who made me come into the world with my mother, makes me grow, talks to me, teaches me many things, pampers me as no one would know how to do"

"To my wonderful dad: simply by being yourself you showed me the best way to be"

"Son, brother, father, lover, friend: there is room in the heart for all affections, as there is room in heaven for all the stars." Victor Hugo

"Anyone who doesn't have a good father should get one." Friedrich Nietzsche

"A man realizes he's getting old when he begins to look like his father." Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"One night a father heard his son praying in his room: Lord, make me strong like my dad. Later that same night, the father prayed: God, let me be the kind of man my son he expects. "

"He didn't tell me how to live: he just lived and let me observe him." Clarence Budington Kelland

"Poor men sometimes leave their children the most precious inheritance." Ruth E. Renkel

"Becoming a dad is a lot easier than being a dad." Kent Nerburn

"A man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a father."

"When a father gives to a son they both laugh; when a son gives to a father they both cry." William Shakespeare

A perfect Dad you know right away from his ability, once married and a father, to maintain relationships with his old unmarried friends and non-fathers. Aldo Busi, Handbook of the perfect Dad

Do you know what bad fathers are? Those who have forgotten the mistakes of their youth. Denis Didero

Fathers must neither see nor hear. This is the only true basis of family life. Oscar Wilde

Father's day, poems in Neapolitan dialect

Neapolitan is a real language. The language of love, with a musicality and a history that has its roots over the centuries. Many Neapolitan authors have told about love, emotions and feelings like no one has ever been more successful. For this we propose a poem by Eduardo De Filippo dedicated to his father (o'pate).

O 'pate

For all life st'Omme is close to you,

and you, on the other hand, realize that he is there,

p'e daughters do 'and everything, and nun se boast,

and often suffers without ever speaking.

And like St. Joseph, silent and dumb,

he embraces the cross and does the will of God:

work hard, pray and remain unknown,

and when chiagne… chiagne,

t '' I say!

It also hurts and hurts,

'or himself, p'a effort, goes out' in the morning;

for the family, he is a martyr of love,

to the office, shop or workshop.

Te vò bene et '' or he almost says maje,

he praises you, if you are not present;

te vase 'nfronte quanno a durmi' staje;

for a caress, he really enjoys it.

Yes it calls you, o 'ffa pè true love;

pè gives you joy, suffers all 'ppene;

and every glutton if it consumes' o core,

sin is pate, is old i is piccerillo.

Greet him how many jesci and how many yolks,

and give her a few strokes' na caress:

you realize ampressa ca you turn actuorne,

suspiruso and make you tenderness.

'Oh well that does' o pate l'annasconne,

because he is a man, and so he does:

when the child goes out or rings,

quanno marries and introduces Dad.

Eduardo de Filippo

To Dad

Dad, I want you well

but really well aasaje,

a good so thick

that he does not fernesce maje.

Yes and vvote I do 'or sad

it looks like you.

If you have assaje penziere

don't worry about it

astregneme forte 'mpietto

you know how to conceive.

Always close to you

I'm your son, I'm going

Mom, for me and the queen

... but, King, you are Daddy!

Poems by for Father's Day

is one of our favorite authors, and also for the father we propose one of his most beautiful nursery rhymes.

Sunday walk

I go for a walk in the city,

without a vague goal here and there.

In Piazza Navona I stop to look

those who are licking ice cream.

In piazza Esedra an uncertain crime:

hear the concert for free,

or sit down, Roman-style,

on the cool edge of the fountain?

But it's packed, the cement rim:

already two hundred people sit there.

Families enjoy the cool,

the mother, the mother-in-law with the daughters.

And where is the father, to make up?

He's at home working overtime.

Every Sunday on the way,

you go for a walk in the economy.

Poems for Dad in English

On the site of we find many resources for Father's Day: jobs, bookmarks, tickets and even several poems, both in the village and in English. Here are two ideas.

Hero Dad

You are my hero, Dad
You're my secure foundation.
When I think of you, I'm filled with love
And fond appreciation.

You make me feel protected;
I'm sheltered by your care.
You're always my true friend; and Dad,
When I need you, you're always there.
You have a place of honor
Deep within my heart.
You've been my superhero, Dad,
Right from the very start.

Daddy Daddy

Daddy, daddy let me say
I love you in every way
I love you for all you do
I love you for being you
Daddy, Daddy let me say
Have a happy Father's Day!

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