Ticket exemptions for visits before and during pregnancy

Ticket exemptions for visits before and during pregnancy
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Ticket exemptions in pregnancy

The expenses to be faced during the pregnancy there are many and, in the current times, future mothers are often looking for bonuses and discounts to take advantage of in order to reduce any costs to be incurred. Let us remember that couples who wish to have a baby and pregnant women are entitled to perform for free, without a ticket, some specialist and diagnostic services, useful for protecting their health and that of the unborn child. The list of these services is contained in the Ministerial Decree of 10 September 1998. Let's see what the ticket exemptions in pregnancy and before pregnancy.


Pre-pregnancy tests

A small 10-step guide on checks to do before getting pregnant

Exempt examinations in pregnancy Ministry of Health

The Ministry clearly establishes which are the preconception and pregnancy tests, both for the physiological one and for the one at risk of abortion, which are guaranteed to all women free of charge.

The Decree provides that the following are provided free of charge:

  • the visit medical obstetrician-gynecological periodicals
  • alcune analysis to be performed before conception, to exclude the presence of factors that may negatively affect pregnancy. If the couple's clinical or family history highlights risky conditions for the fetus, all the necessary and appropriate services to ascertain any genetic defects, prescribed by the specialist doctor, can be performed free of charge.
  • the diagnostic tests for the control of physiological pregnancy indicated, for each period of pregnancy. In the event of a threat of abortion, all the specialist services necessary for monitoring the evolution of pregnancy must be included
  • all the necessary and appropriate services for the prenatal diagnosis in pregnancy, in the specific risk conditions for the fetus, prescribed by the specialist
  • all necessary and appropriate services for the treatment of diseases (pre-existing or arising during pregnancy) that pose a risk to the woman or the fetus, usually prescribed by the specialist

Pregnancy exemption code

The exemption code for pregnant exams is the letter M which stands for Maternity. The number corresponding to the letter must be indicated after the letter week of pregnancy (codes in fact range from 01 to 41).

Pregnancy exemption code m99

As we have said, the exemption code for examinations in pregnancy is M and then the number corresponding to the week of gestation. Where the family doctor is unable to establish the week of pregnancy, or if the examination he is prescribing has to be done later and therefore it is not possible to say in which week the code used will be M99.

Analysis in pregnancy month by month

Let's see what are the tests that are guaranteed before pregnancy and during gestation, physiological or at risk.

In the case of normal pregnancy, these are the tests that must be carried out by 13th week:

  • blood exam completed
  • Blood group AB0, Rh
  • AST (GOT) e ALT (GPT)
  • rubella virus antibodies
  • toxoplasma antibodies: and negative IgG repeat every 30-40 days. until delivery
  • TPHA: if not performed as a preconception function
  • VDRL: if not performed in preconceptional function
  • Glucose
  • Physical and microscopic chemical urinalysis
  • obstetric ultrasound
  • indirect CCOMS test: in the case of Rh negative women at risk of immunization, the test must be repeated every month; in case of AB0 incompatibility, the test must be repeated at the 34th-36th week.

Exams scheduled between 14esima and 18esima settimana

  • Urinalysis

Between the 19esima and 23esima settimana

  • Urinalysis
  • Obstetric ultrasound

Between the 24esima e 27esima settimana

  • Glucose [S / P / U / dU / La]
  • Urinalysis

Between the 28esima and 32esima settimana

  • Emocromo: Hb, GR, GB, HCT, PLT, IND. DERIV., F. L.
  • Ferritin: in case of reduction of the average globular volume
  • Urinalysis
  • Obstetric ultrasound

Between the 33esima and 37esima settimana

  • Virus epatite B,
  • Epidemiology of epileptic
  • Complete blood count
  • Urinalysis
  • HIV 1-2, ANTIBODIES in case of anamnestic risk

Between the 38esima and 40esima settimana

  • Urinalysis

From the 41st week

  • Obstetric ultrasound: upon specific request of the specialist
  • Cardiotocography: upon specific requests of the specialist and if necessary to be repeated until delivery

The new LEAs, essential levels of assistance of 2022, include nuchal translucency among the health services offered free of charge without paying the ticket.

In case of high-risk pregnancy the gynecologist will make a certification thanks to which it will be possible to have access to other services, which will be prescribed with exemption code M50: all the tests necessary for the protection of pregnancy are free.

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35 years pregnancy ticket exemption

After i 35 years the woman expecting a child has the right to have access to other services such as the exam TORCH, which allows you to diagnose the presence of antibodies against certain infections such as Herpes, Cytomegalovirus, rubella and others; the Bi-Test and Tri-Test that allow you to combine data, such as family history, age of the mother, previous pregnancies, with the results of the blood test to obtain a percentage of risk that the fetus has chromosomal abnormalities. In the event of a positive result from these tests, the woman can have free access to amniocentesis.

Preconceptional examinations

Before pregnancy, the couple may have some benefits exemption, which are identified with code M00.

For the woman:

  • Preconceptional gynecological examination
  • Indirect COOMBS test
  • Rubella virus
  • Toxoplasma Emochrome complete
  • HIV 1-2
  • BLOOD GROUP and Rh
  • Erythrocyte osmotic resistance (Simmel test)
  • Abnormal hemoglobins
  • PAP test

for man:

  • Blood exam completed
  • HIV 1-2
  • Blood group and Rh
  • Erythrocyte osmotic resistance (Simmel test)
  • Abnormal hemoglobins

Specific tests in case of repeated miscarriages

  • Gynecological examination
  • transvaginal ultrasound
  • hysteroscopy
  • uterine body biopsy
  • anticoaguante lupus-Like
  • Anticorpi anti cardiolipina
  • Antibodies to microsomes
  • Thyroglobulin antibodies
  • Cariotipo da metafasi linfocitarie
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