Tips for family souvenir photos

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Souvenir photo for the family

Even those who had never been particularly fond of photography, once she becomes a mother she becomes one. From the first moment we see our baby in the face, the desire to stop time arises spontaneously and irresistibly, seize that moment that always passes too quickly. 

What is the first object you can think of to save if your house is on fire? Many would reply “The album with family photos". The images that capture the most beautiful moments spent together are able to convey more emotions than any book or tear-jerking film: because it is our life that we see passing through the pages. This is why it is important to know how to document important occasions - the first day of school, Christmas, birthdays, trips - and also to collect and organize our photos.

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How to document, collect and organize photos 

What are the moments that you wish were never forgotten in your family history? There are probably the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, the most important milestones. But there are also more personal memories: a trip to the park on a sunny day. The first time our child saw soap bubbles, or dipped his feet in the sand, at the sea.

Since we have the smartphone with us, there is probably not a single important moment that has not been documented: suffice it to say that, within a decade, it seems that on average around 70% more photos are taken - and 10 years ago there were already cell phones! No wonder, above all we mothers, we are literally submerged by images, and tidying them up is one of those classic tasks that we tend to procrastinate.

  1. The first thing to do to permanently reorder the photos is retrieve them and put them all together. We are talking about those already printed, and which maybe ended up at the bottom of a drawer with the risk of getting damaged, and above all about the digital ones. The former, in the absence of negatives, must be scanned for copies, especially if they are important.
  2. Then you have to proceed to order them chronologically in folders on the PC, before making a backup copy on an external hard drive. During this work, it is necessary to get rid of those ugly, fuzzy, insignificant ones. Probably this job will take you several evenings, and you will find that it is unthinkable to print all the photos and keep them in the albums.
  3. Then set goals. Are you interested in a baptism album? For the first year of life? For your holidays? Give yourself a realistic goal and print related images accordingly.
  4. As for photos that are already printed, but that you don't want to put in the album or frame, buy one or more special boxes from the photo library: only in this way will they keep well over time. Remember that family photos are one of the most beautiful "furnishing accessories". Internet and social like Instagram and Pinterest they are teeming with beautiful and easy-to-make ideas. For example, you can create a wall of pictures with different frames, or arranged to form a geometric shape or a heart. You can have them printed on canvas and make beautiful paintings for the dining room or living room, or create a family “family tree” on a wall by attaching photos to a painted tree or a wall sticker. Or you can create one scrapbook. A digital photo frame also allows you to display many photos at the same time and is a great gift for grandparents.

The tricks to take beautiful photos of children

Also, just for the importance of family photos it is good to keep in mind some tricks for shooting children.

  • The first is that of always put yourself at their height. Sure, picking up the baby from above can be nice at times, but in general it's best to squat down and even take a few shots from the bottom up. Seeing is believing! If instead of a smartphone you have a camera that allows you to control focus, focus on the eyes or the closest eye. This trick usually makes the image instantly more attractive.
  • It is also known that the beauty of a photo lies largely in the choice of light, but also the background has its importance. Often children have colorful clothes, with patterns or characters, so it is good to have a background that is as “clean” as possible. Make sure that there are no signs, light poles, passers-by. If it's a birthday photo, for example, make sure that the child has the cake in front of him and little else, moving crumpled napkins, dirty glasses and so on. If you are photographing two children together, a nice trick that makes the image more "real" is to make sure that they are not both looking towards the lens, but that one is turned towards the other.
  • And take lots of photos, especially when they don't notice! They are usually the most beautiful., Finally, we come to light.
  • It should be used as much as possible natural light, so if you are indoors, take advantage of a bright hour of the day and ask the child to go to the window, turning off the artificial lights. More generally, by "good light" we mean an interesting light: usually the more "soft" ones are to be preferred, therefore it is also to avoid the sun at midday peak.
  • With regard to the photo composition, it is an aspect that is the subject of millions of rules and even conflicting opinions. A good place to start, though, is never put the baby in the center of the picture, and observe the rule of thirds.

When to contact a professional photographer

It goes without saying that these tricks, of course, don't make you a photographer ;-)! And in some cases it may be worthwhile to contact a professional, especially if we are talking about important photos or that you want to use to decorate the house, printing them on canvas or in any case in large format. Furthermore, a trivial and somewhat underestimated reason is that turning to a photographer, especially for important and unique events such as a baptism, will allow us to have photos all together, and above all for how we really interact, and not just bad posed photos taken. from some relative. The images will have a better focus, an optimal light - also in terms of the lighting of the subjects - and above all they will have an artistic sense that those who do not carry out this profession will not be able to improvise. In this sense, it must be said that every photographer has their own personal style and looking for the one that reflects us the most will allow us to have some evocative and exciting family images.

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