Tips for Instagram-addicted moms

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Tips for Instagram-addicted moms

A few years ago there were mom bloggers, an explosion of online diaries to tell the joys and sorrows of motherhood that shocked the web world, transforming mothers into preferential targets for any marketing campaign. Today the presence of mothers on the net has shifted to social networks where the image counts more than the text. Glossy lives, wonderful houses, beautiful children, but also funny images of everyday life, advice on fashion and beauty or on nutrition: there are many suggestive aspects that fascinate the follower of the mama influence that abounding above all on Instagram, the social media of images par excellence. But what are the most followed instagrammer moms and what are the rules and the advice to open a "mammy" profile on Instagram?

The 10 most famous moms' Instagram accounts

From the United States to Europe with a look at the country here is a selection of the most followed influencer moms on Instagram.

  1. Mommasgonecity: one of the most followed influencer moms (with more than 467 thousand followers) who talks about her New York life with two children and two dogs
  2. Taza: 450 followers, an average of thousands of hearts for each photo posted by this mother who raises her 5 children in New York
  3. Courtney Adamo: 238 followers for this mom who lives in Australia and her five super blonde children, a super-hot husband, a house with a pool, pictures of the children on the beach in a long, perennial summer
  4. Bluebird: This super-fashioned young American mom boasts more than 220 passionate followers of her family photos featuring gorgeous little girls, charming husband, modern home, quirky country-style looks and a seemingly perfect life
  5. Pozzolis Family: the Instagram profile of the Pozzoli family formed by Gianmarco Pozzoli and Alice Mangione and the little Giosuè and Olivia Tosca who ironically tells the daily events boasts more than 155 thousand followers
  6. Fat Mum Slim: the one hundred thousand followers of Chantelle, an Australian mother, love her easy style, and the photos taken and posted in a truly original way
  7. Alessandra D'Agostino: food, home decor and obviously motherhood are the themes of the images posted by this mother followed by almost 86 thousand followers
  8. But what really: the success of Chiara Cecilia Santamaria was born about ten years ago with a blog that immediately had a great success. Today the photos of her from her life in London, where she lives with her daughter Viola and her husband, but also those around the world are appreciated by her 66 thousand followers.
  9. Marysol Life: Maria Sole Racca defines herself as “Mother & Teacher. I write, cook, eat and photograph ", she has 40 thousand followers who love to follow her life through photos of her and little Noah, official taster of the creative dishes prepared by her mother
  10. Silvia Cattaneo, Unusually Mom: "A husband, a son, a dog, a goldfish.
    And a bottle of whiskey hidden in the closet "and 43 thousand followers

What to post children on Instagram

One of the secrets of the success of the social profiles of influencer moms is certainly to be found in photographing children. The life of the little ones is published at all times (from the bath to the holiday, from the time of bed to that of the meal, from the first day of school to the game) and with the addition of a simple hashtag it can become viral and be accessible in every part of the world. AND' right? AND' legal? The law says that as long as the child is under the parental authority of mom and dad and they both agree then they can put the photos of the children on social media (so be careful, if you are separated: maybe your ex doesn't agree at all post a photo of your child!). But the fact remains that the police often denounce the risks of this continuous sharing of images of minors: photographs that can be saved on anyone's computer who can then make unregulated use of them.

So what should we post about our children? Before uploading a photo we should ask ourselves the question "if I were the subject of the photo, would I put it on social networks?". Children dirty with pizza, children sleeping blissfully in their beds, bathing or angry and crying: try to ask yourself if you are not violating the sacrosanct right to privacy which also protects minors.

What to post on Instagram

Why are moms on Instagram attracting so much? How do they get such a rich following?

Looking at their profiles we can say that what most involves are the images and stories of a happy life, a kind of family of the Mulino Bianco in a modern way:

  • photos of beautiful children and fashionable clothes;
  • photos of mothers with their original looks or taken at particular times of the day (while relaxing, reading or writing on the PC, playing sports, cooking, playing with children, going on vacation etc ...);
  • photos of original dishes prepared by mothers and children;
  • home decor: details of houses and apartments that seem to have come out of design magazines.

How to post photos

Here are the steps to follow to post a photo on Instagram:

  • if you want to publish the photos of the children, make sure that the surrounding environment is not messy and that the background objects are also harmonized in the context;
  • work the photos by choosing the tone (nostalgic, eccentric, maximum saturation) and filters;
  • before sharing don't forget to add a short text and some hashtags that will amplify the viral reach of the image.

Hashtags most used by mothers

L'hashtag it is a very important component if you want to give maximum echo to your photo. This is a tag that can be created by easily inserting the hash character # in front of a word or phrase of the text. Within a social network, it acts as a collector of all posts or photos that have been tagged with that hashtag.

Here is a Hashtag list especially used by moms instagrammers:

  • #homedecor: for images on the decoration of the bedroom or the house
  • #vitadamamma: for photos that tell the small daily challenges of motherhood
  • #pregnancy, #partum #breastfeeding: for useful advice, questions, fears and opportunities for discussion
  • #family e #baby
  • #love
  • #cute
  • and of course #mom

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