Too tired to be a mom? Here are 4 life-saving methods

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Lifesaving methods for moms

When fatigue comes, you feel it loud and clear; you almost seem to visualize patience running out minute by minute as children ask for your attention and you just want to be left alone. Sometimes it's the fault of too many things to do, but other times it's just an excuse: the laundry can be folded even in an hour, but you need a break now, and it just doesn't seem like anyone is willing to give it to you. . 

And sometimes the fault of this tiredness is also of a 'incorrect and unbalanced diet. Perhaps, taken by so many commitments and a hectic pace of life, we tend to underestimate the importance of taking on the right micronutrients and all the essential substances for our body. We prefer unhealthy snacks and have no energy to prepare homemade dishes.

Certainly in the life of a mother it happens that quality time becomes pure resistance, in a crescendo of frustration also due to the fact that we would like to honor this moment with all our heart, but we cannot. But perhaps some reflections can help us in those days when fatigue, nervousness or worries lead us to losing patience with children.

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  • We take care of our nutrition

It is the first imperative to feel less fatigued and recover useful energy to face our life as a mother. How many of us prepare healthy foods and baby food, neglecting our diet and ending up eating ready meals or just snacking on something while cooking? Each food contains precious and indispensable nutrients which serve to guarantee our body and our immune system its functions.

In particular the B vitamins are defined precisely "energy vitamins"Because, while not providing any extra calories, they help our body to metabolize food better by drawing all the nutrients present in food.

  • We integrate when it's needed

At particular times in life, we may not be able to get all the nutrients we need through food and one vitamin deficiency it can exacerbate the sense of exhaustion and tiredness. The change of season, for example, is a particularly delicate period that could make us feel even more fatigued, but even after a flu or in a particularly stressful phase of our life we ​​may need a vitamin supplement.

And for this an integration of B vitamins it can be very effective to face delicate or particularly stressful moments and to find the right determination to live our days as mothers.

  • Change the focus

For once we don't just think about our children and the fact that we are not giving them quality time; let us think about ourselves, because right now the priority is to take care of ourselves and be calm, which, of course, everyone will benefit from. Plus, even children will learn that loving yourself is a need and a right. We explain clearly and serenely to our children that we need a moment for ourselves, a break, and we leave the room.

  • Change the routine

One of the things that most make us nervous and irascible is the lack of sleep; if it happens more and more often we lose patience with children, and shoot for every stupid thing, maybe it's just because we need more hours of sleep in this period. Sometimes going to bed an hour early is enough to make a difference.

  • Change… place!

When we move, the body releases endorphins and energy: if at home with children we seem to go crazy, we go out, without worrying too much about make-up and hair. We leave the children to our partner. Sometimes even just a walk to go shopping will be enough to restore a good mood, for us and consequently for them too.

  • Change day

Sometimes it seems like a miracle to have survived a day when we were stretched like strings on a violin. Yet the children had dinner, they are clean and in pajamas in their beds, and as Rossella O'Hara said "tomorrow is another day." At this point the best thing to do is to rest, look for an activity that makes us calm, ignoring, if possible, the housework, and start the next day with a new supply of energy and patience. Take care of yourself, moms!

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