Train, a comfortable and… fascinating journey for children

    Train, a comfortable and… fascinating journey for children

    Which one of you gives small has not been fascinated from train? Old locomotive, Indians ofAmerica, pursuits and spirit of adventure have marked our fantasies of children, and like any tradition fun, ours too children Today I am curious from the world that moves on train tracks.

    Far from being fed a carbon, carriages moderns feature a whole host of comfort suitable for those who want more freedom of movement and the possibility of handle la offspring with major easiness. Beyond the type of train you choose and the number of stops that you have to face, the "convoy rail "allows anyone to get up from your own post, walk a little bit, go in bathroom when and how much you want.

    To these advantages general we can add those related to most small: On train i Parents have more chance di distract the little one from the moments of boredom, for example they can to color e play together with him / her, they can lead and administer foods e beverages so fast; can take advantage of areas dedicated to family on trains high speed he lunga journey: bar, Wi-Fi free i distributors automatic snack, even the area movies where present (but here i children they must be a little more great).

    When, on the other hand, the little one has few months, it is good book in advance - A good habit in truth for anyone travel -, remember the pouch or of band baby carrier and one cover against theconditioned air; do not skimp on the number of diapers e rompers; always a pacifier di replacement, various bibs (better if disposable) e wipes soaked.

    The transport of the passeggino you do not payment provided it comes closed and stored as any Baggage. Likewise, dear mom and dad, ready and equipped coi bottle and with XNUMX cups milk powder already measured (essential, if not breastfeed your puppies at breast) and with a terms di water hot.

    But together with the common sense and to the little ones advice practical, even the part economic has his own appeal in the choice of train. Usually i children up to 4 years not heathen and this applies to all trains national receips; unique condition: they simply have to stare in braccio. If you take one instead armchair also for their, under 4 years old, the ticket will have a reduction of 50% of the base price; discount which goes down to 30% from 4 to 15 years old.

    Some company they even offer a service di accompaniment in the case of minors aged 7 to 13. So the choice of train not only is it comfortable, but it becomes even more economic if you select the right one offering: therefore pay attention to compare i prices of the different lines railway.

    Remember, though, that if yours train it's a regional will not have comfortable changing tables nor places numbered and, hoping for aimminent as unlikely management Japanese of trips on train tracks, Also punctuality it could be a risk so it is better to always choose i trains "full optional”That completely ignore little ones countries and city.

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