Traveling while pregnant

How to travel if you are pregnant

Always remembering that pregnancy does not rhyme with illness, even when pregnant you can move with peace of mind using the various means of transport; just use a few extra precautions.Here are the tips on how to travel if you are pregnant.

Obviously we would like to ensure that from the first day on which you discover that you are pregnant, the use of motorcycles and / or scooters as a driver or as a passenger is highly discouraged. So riding a moped if you are pregnant is absolutely to be avoided.

Traveling pregnant by car or plane

Both theauto that the bus, that the ship orplane they have no contraindications, but it is necessary to consider the general state of the pregnant woman who is going to use them (nausea, swelling of the legs, etc.). We must also remind those who suffer from disorders such as motion sickness or sea sickness that during pregnancy the drugs that make up for these ailments cannot be taken and then the journey could become a nightmare; otherwise the important precautions are not many and are dictated by common sense: if the journey is very long, take breaks to stretch, avoid traveling by train or bus, if it is very hot it is better to start 'in motion' or book the trip in the cooler time slots.

In auto then, many think that during pregnancy they are exempted from the use of seat belts, there is nothing more false except in cases in which with a special certificate the gynecologist certifies that their use can cause damage to the mother or child.

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Some information that will be useful to you are: in all the larger railway stations you can go to an emergency room as well as on all public naval lines there is a doctor on board. There are restrictions on pregnant women when it comes to air travel. Some companies require a medical certificate authorizing the pregnant woman to travel if the pregnancy has had complications, if she is twin or if she is in the last month. Always better inquire first anyway.

Traveling if you are pregnant, where to go

Speaking of luoghi where it is not recommended to go it would be better to avoid very distant destinations, better not to go to the high mountains or in particularly hot climates and in general everything that is very / too adventurous. You can go abroad but it is better to make sure of how the health care of the place where you intend to stay works, the same for the places where vaccinations are recommended.

Do not submit to any prophylaxis without the doctor's approval.

Better to take the whole thing with you clinical documentation and recipes that can allow a gynecologist who is not yours to visit you, and in general it would be better to choose places where good pharmaceutical supplies and an easily accessible hospital are guaranteed

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