Traveling with a baby, how to get organized


  • 1 Can I travel with an infant?
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Over the past long winter and spring, we have all daydreamed of exotic places and long vacations. The expectations for this summer 2021 were optimistic, but unfortunately the virus is still bullying and conditions our lives. Still, travel is not prohibited. The watchword clearly must be prudence, but why not give yourself a little break after this complex period? So let's talk about trips with the little ones.

Can I travel with a baby?

Yes of course! Traveling with a baby is possible. In some ways it is even easier to leave with a baby just a few months old than with a slightly older baby. The needs of an infant are very easy to satisfy: sleep, baby food, diapers to change, a comfortable stroller to stay in and practically the game is done.

In short, no anxiety, mothers. It takes very little to get organized. There is no need to move and it is not true that some means of transport are “dangerous” compared to others. The age of the puppy should not be a problem, because the management even on vacation is simple. Do not be intimidated by those who take you for "crazy" if you want to take a well-deserved vacation.

Traveling with a newborn: where to go

Just a pinch of attention on the destination you choose for the first trip with a baby does not hurt. In particular this year, if possible it is more appropriate to stay within national borders where we know with sufficient clarity how the pandemic situation is being handled.

But it's not just the covid that dictates the law. Although without anxiety, we still have to think that we are dealing with a "mini traveler" who needs comfort and rhythms that are not excessively hectic. Let's take some practical examples. Instead of the extreme trekking at 2.000 meters above sea level, it is better to prefer a place in the hills where you can take beautiful walks. Have you been planning a safari in Africa for many years? Well, postpone it a little longer and enjoy the sea and the beach of our house.

Are you an art lover? Nothing prevents you from visiting some of the most beautiful cities and towns. Obviously the little one will not yet be able to grasp the splendor of the city or Venice, taste pizza in the city or pesto in Genoa, but the pleasure felt by his parents will also come to him indirectly. How will you understand it? From his serenity.

Traveling with an infant: which means of transport to choose

Let's make a small premise: any means of transport is fine when traveling with a baby. The choice essentially depends on the distance to be covered and the preference of adult travelers. It is therefore mostly a matter of personal taste and comfort. But otherwise there are no contraindications of any kind.

The plane is the most practical way if you want to save time or if there are many kilometers to go. Can even a few months old baby take it? Absolutely yes. Only two precautions. At take-off and landing, offer him the breast (if you are breastfeeding), a bottle or a pacifier. Sucking serves to reduce any discomfort in the ears. Then remember to bring a blanket or a sweater on board because the air conditioning is always rather "fired" on airplanes.

Airlines always have a special eye for little ones. It is almost always allowed to carry liquids (milk or water) or baby food with you. Furthermore, you can use the stroller up under the ladder and then put it in the hold or, if its dimensions are really small, you can also get on board and store it in the overhead bin. This however depends on the company.

The train is a good alternative for medium distances. Especially the new and high-speed ones guarantee a good level of comfort even when traveling with a small child. Book a seat for him as well, to use for a diaper change or for him to stretch his legs after a few hours. Choose at least one seat near the aisle so you can get up every now and then.

If, on the other hand, you like islands or are in any case a lover of ships or ferries, always take a cabin. It is definitely more comfortable than the seat for traveling with a baby, so you can neatly arrange what you need for your child and have a quieter place for him to eat and sleep.

And then of course there are the car journeys. The first fundamental advantage is that, depending on the capacity of the trunk, you are less limited in what to bring. The machine also allows you to make all the stops you want to meet the needs of the child. A tip is to leave when he sleeps, so at night if you feel like it. But it is obviously not a rigid rule: it depends a bit on his habits.

Safety first of all, we recommend it to you. Secure the child in the rearward facing seat if he is still very small and with the airbags deactivated. Mount sun shades on the windows, do not overdo the air conditioning and stop every 2-3 hours to pick up the baby, feed him or change his diaper. And never, ever leave it alone in the car, not even for 5 minutes.

Traveling on vacation: what to use

Once you get to the place you have chosen to spend your holiday, the question arises of what to use for all your trips, for example to go to the beach, to take a hike in the mountains, a simple walk or a visit to the museum. The alternatives are the sling, the baby carrier or the stroller.

By "babywearing" we mean the habit of "wearing" the baby, that is to use something that makes it stay very close to the body of the person taking it for a walk. In other words, let's talk about the fascia. It is especially suitable for younger children who still need a lot of contact with a parent. However, as the baby grows it becomes too heavy to carry in this way. Also, the headband might feel hot in the summer.

The baby carrier is not suitable from birth, but after a few months. Ergonomic models should be chosen so as not to hurt the back. When placed facing the world, the child has the opportunity to look around, which he likes very much, but also to take a nap if he is tired. Again, weight can become a problem at some point.

The stroller has a number of indisputable positive aspects. First of all, the baby is very comfortable. Most strollers have a reclining seat (even in different positions), which allows them to lie down during walks and sleep when they feel the need. In addition, the hood allows you to protect your child from the sun. Eventually you can also add a parasol. Some accessories, such as the mosquito net, are also very useful.

The ideal stroller for the holidays is the light or ultralight one. This feature allows you to easily drive it even in the city, juggling sidewalks that are sometimes bumpy and cars parked almost everywhere, or to get on and off public transport. In general, light strollers also have small dimensions, an important aspect for traveling by any means of transport. And in this regard we present Leona. 

We recommend: the Leona stroller

Leona is the latest addition to the Maxi-Cosi home, but is already a candidate to soon become one of its spearheads. She confirms it her slogan of hers “Comfort XL. Dimensions XS ”that you clearly state what are the two main strengths of this product: maximum practicality with reduced dimensions. It is therefore what you need to travel comfortably, but also for everyday life in our cities. After the vacation, Leona remains a very faithful friend. Without forgetting that even the eye wants the part of her: in fact, Leona is very pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, an extra detail that will certainly not escape the watchful eye of a modern mother.

However, Leona is not a simple stroller. With two simple clicks she transforms into a trio, a complete system with carrycot and car seat, in short, everything a child needs. In fact, you are equipped with adapters that allow you to use all the Maxi-Cosi carrycots and baby eggs. Those for the carrycot are already included in the stroller package.

The advantages of Leona

There are many features that make Leona a special stroller.

  • Lightness. Leona weighs just 7 and a half pounds.
  • Small size. It is 77cm long and 45cm wide. The fact that it is small does not mean that it is not sturdy, quite the opposite! When closed, it can also be stored in the trunk of smaller cars.
  • Reversible seat. Switching from parent-facing to street-facing is quick and easy.
  • Ultra compact folding with the seat in both directions. When closed, the stroller remains standing.
  • Adjustable seat. The seat can be adjusted in height in 3 positions to follow the child's growth step by step.
  • Comfort seat. It has double padding, suitable for babies and older children.
  • Convertible into a trio.

Who is Leona suitable for

Leona can be used from birth. It is approved for children up to 22 kilos in weight. It can therefore be used for a long time, up to about 4 years.

Other features of the Leona stroller

The creators of Leona have left nothing to chance, but every detail has been thought of with the needs of a child and those of his parents at the center. Safety is obviously of primary importance. For this reason, the pushchair's easy-in belts and magnetic closure mean that the little one cannot unhook on his own, which is quite dangerous. The extendable canopy is able to protect very well from the sun (UV 50+) and has a ventilation window that will also serve to keep the baby under control.

Comfort is, without danger of denial, one of the values ​​of this Maxi-Cosi product. The 4 wheels are equipped with shock-absorbing suspensions to soften the jolts caused by the potholes in the sidewalks or by the uneven ground of the country roads. In addition, they are all anti-puncture. The seat can be reclined in 3 positions in both directions (facing the world or facing the parent), up to the horizontal one, perfect for sleeping and especially for younger children. The legrest is also adjustable in different positions. 

The stroller has a large basket (maximum 3 kilos) in the lower part and a storage pocket on the back of the seat, so as to have everything you need close at hand, from changing to bottle with water. Leona closes with one hand in two very easy steps. The seat fabrics are removable and washable.

What color to buy Leona

Leona is available in three colors: Essential Green (green), Essential Graphite (gray) and Essential Black (black).

Accessories available for Leona

  • Car seat adapters.
  • Travel bag.
  • Rain cover.
  • Padded bag.
  • Parasol.
  • Borsa modern bag.

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