Twins Care: Here is a small instruction manual

The arrival of only one small in casa is already capable of unleash a type of tsunami. Let alone if of children they arrive the two (or more!) at the same time: a gioia immense, a love boundless, but also a beautiful ... blow in forehead to mum e Pope. The care of the gemelli is not simple, but it can give satisfactions unimaginable.

Problems concrete da face up to are many, as well as the questions passing through the mind already from the first ultrasounds: I will be able breastfeed both? And if one sleep and the other one Wake-up calls crying out? Better get them to sleep together or Cribs separate? Come recognize them if they are two drops bywater?

In fact, the former rock da exceed and the fatigue area of mum. Everything must be done to the two why the care of the gemelli imposes rhythms high. So that's not the the case to do the proud at all costs: accept thehelp of those who offer themselves volunteer and, first of all, involve the mole Pope. Between feedings, diapers e lullabies al square, work never fails.

Get used to it how I am to be stuck together for nine months in yours womb, once i gemelli they should stay the most close possible. If I'm premature or if the delivery it's been a while traumatic and they must stay in neonatology, they will probably be placed in the same incubator: will find comfort e heat in the little brother or sister.

Do it same when you come back to casa: unless they bother too much with cry, let them sleep together in the same cot, at least the very first times.

Breastfeed i gemelli it's not a'firm that you can't face up to (we wrote HERE), although it is likely that, for to help and children a to grow up soon, the milk mother it will be supplemented by that artificial. If so, the more system practical I say alternate le feedings of each neonate, reversing the parts.

Though physically are identical, the children will certainly have personality e attitudes completely different: the mum will soon learn a recognize them, but in the beginning it is perhaps advisable hold on to wrist il bracelet dell 'hospital.

Sometimes it's good entrust un twin al Pope or whoever you want, for spend a little bit of time alone with theother. So you can relax at the same time, learn a know better yours children. The care of the gemelli it will become more and more easy e and strengthens with each of the children the deep bond of which each neonate ha need.

Usually, with just one little one the greater is hoped elasticity possible. In the case of gemelli instead scan la day with times about precise becomes a question of ... survival! They obviously serve a good one • innovative business organization based on the use of technologies and digitalization of internal and external processes, as well as the active and continued promotion of the services we offer through business development, marketing and communication systems (letter "I" of our logo actually stands for "Innovation"); familiar (which in time will come spontaneous) is nerves balances (which every now and then they will jump anyway), the capacity di tap into to all their own resources and exceed and moments difficult or discomfort.

As soon as the "machine"Will be a little more rodata, difficulties initials will be just a bad one memory and you will have a gift wonderful: thelove di the two children. And you you will ask just as you could to live without them…

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