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Fast. Comfortable. Equipped. Easy to use and above all to close. Suitable for any terrain. Amortized. With a nice design. Resistant and ... so on and on and on and on. Let's face it, moms: we all have a lot of pretensions when it comes to strollers, don't we? Well, but the motivation is very noble. We have to carry our little one around, so it is normal to look for a product that satisfies all, really all of our needs. And the ultralight stroller is a great compromise between the features we mentioned. We therefore offer you a sort of vademecum to make this purchase in a calm and conscious way.

Who is an ultralight stroller useful for?

There are many types of people who benefit greatly from an ultralight stroller. It is certainly not a niche product or for a "select few".

  • Globetrotter parents. Who among us does not like to travel? If you have small children, comfort is everything. An ultralight stroller that folds quickly and reaches a small size is ideal for those who move often. It is suitable for any means of transport: car, train, ship, plane.
  • Who has a small car trunk. Big problem if your beloved car has a ridiculous trunk that barely fits two packs of water… The solution is at hand and it is an ultra-light stroller. Even better if, in addition to weighing little, its dimensions are small, so that it can really fit anywhere. Mini trunk included.
  • Who lives in a place with a "mini" lift. Contortionist every time you have to go out or come home is not comfortable at all. So it is the case to opt for a much more practical product. What if the elevator isn't there at all? Strength and courage: you will save on the gym.
  • Grandparents. The ultralight stroller is the top for those who are a little older in age. The practicality of use makes it comfortable when you go out for a walk, while a traditional stroller (for example the classic one of the trio, which is generally always sturdy) could be a little too heavy for grandparents. 
  • Who lives in the city. Particularly in large centers, zigzagging between cars and getting on and off the sidewalks is the rule. Doing it with an ultralight stroller is certainly much easier. As well as getting on public transport becomes easier. In the countryside or in the mountains, the stroller does not necessarily go smoothly on dirt roads, while concrete is not a problem.

When to buy an ultralight stroller

In most cases, the ultralight stroller is a second purchase. It is done, for example, if the trio's is a bit too heavy or bulky, or if you want to have a second "means of transport" ready for use, perhaps to keep in the car. Often the ultralight stroller is bought to facilitate, as we said before, the grandparents. And sometimes it's just left right at their home.

This is clearly not a one-size-fits-all rule. There are those who do not like the idea of ​​buying a trio and remaining tied to its three components for a long time. It is not uncommon to find those who only buy the egg because they "inherit" the carrycot from a relative or a friend. And therefore at some point we find ourselves faced with the need to have a stroller. Many prefer it light or even more.

However, it is not certain that, to use an ultralight stroller, the child must already be very grown, although it is true that if he is already sitting it is better (around 6 months), especially for the back. On the market there are specific reducers that serve, from the very first months of the baby's life, to prevent it from "navigating" inside the seat.

What characteristics should an ultralight stroller have


The name itself says it: an ultralight stroller must weigh little. The average of "normal" strollers is 8-9 kilos, but it can be even higher (obviously the weight of the child "on board" must be added to these kilos). The light ones do not go beyond 6, but there are some that are even more "light" and hover around just 5 kilos. Very easy to carry around.


Compared to any stroller, the dimensions are reduced, especially when it is closed. It is no coincidence that it is the ideal stroller for those who are often on the road and use it practically until they board the plane. It is often carried as hand luggage and in some cases it also fits in the overhead bin. On board low cost flights, the maximum dimensions to be respected are 49x25x45 cm. As we said before, the compactness makes it perfect for small luggage compartments and elevators.

Ease of use

Very often, lightweight strollers can be folded with just one hand, thus allowing you to hold your baby in your arms or hold his bag at the same time. Being small and snappy, designed to help us survive the chaos of the city, they are easy to drive. Even those who are less experienced can do it easily, including grandparents.

Easy transport

Have you ever wondered how to transport the stroller once you have closed it? If you have suitcases, shopping bags, your bag and that of the child, as well as your child, it can become a complex, if not nearly impossible, mission. Some models can be worn on the shoulder, thanks to the special strap. And then there is the truly revolutionary model: the one that is carried as if it were a backpack. A really interesting idea.


Lightweight strollers typically have 4 wheels. It is rare to find 3 models, which are a bit of an evolution in the field of strollers (they are aesthetically pleasing, but not everyone likes them). Usually the wheels are small and swiveling to give the right sprint to the product. Until recently, the light stroller was a little mistreated and considered a "B series". This is no longer the case. The wheels, for example, tend to be well cushioned even in these models, in order to cushion the holes and disturb the child less during the walk.


The seat in general and the backrest in particular are of fundamental importance when you decide to buy a stroller, of any type it is. One aspect to pay close attention to is that the backrest can be reclined. Especially if you start using it when the child is still small, lowering it allows him not to strain his back and to rest while you are out and about. The manufacturers most attentive to the needs of newborns, ensure that the stroller reclines to 175 degrees which is the perfect position to avoid or counteract reflux, a nuisance that many newborns suffer from.


But who said that the ultralight stroller is so "low cost" that it doesn't even have an accessory? This is not the case at all, although of course it all depends on the model and brand you choose. Of course, it is true that in most cases the "options" are not very many, but this does not mean that there are not. Find out well before purchasing. You will surely find what is right for you. Among the most important accessories we remember the rain cover, the leg cover, the mosquito net, the bag hook, the leg rest. Having original accessories is not a secondary advantage. It is true that there is now a universal version of practically everything (footmuff, hooks, etc.), but by purchasing a "generic" product you will never be absolutely sure that it is perfectly compatible with your stroller.


The costs for a light or ultralight stroller vary according to different elements: the materials with which it is built, any options, the fabrics with which it is covered, the possibility of having spare parts etc. It is therefore clear that around you will find products for all budgets, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. The advice is to never save on the quality of what you buy. Better to spend a little more knowing, however, that you have a durable and resistant stroller. And if you want to be really calm and protect yourself from damage, in your choice give priority to the manufacturers that guarantee the extension of the warranty beyond the normal two years provided for by law.

We recommend: StrollerPiuma0 +

Do you know all the ideal features of an ultralight stroller that we have just listed? If you are looking for a product that encompasses them all (and perhaps even offers something more) we will present it to you right away: mothers, here is StrollerPiuma0 + by Zanclem. Super light, compact, sturdy, reclining and super-equipped, it is available in two shades: wine red and gray. You can pay it in installments, return it if you are not satisfied and delivery is free throughout the national territory.

Are you ready to fall in love with him?

The characteristics of StrollinoPiuma0 +

  • Extremely low weight: only 4,9 kilos.
  • Very small size: with its 42x20x40 centimeters (closed) it is one of the smallest strollers on the market.
  • Accepted on all flights: considering its size, you can take it aboard any airline.
  • Reclinable up to 175 degrees: therefore fully respects safety standards.
  • Leg rest adjustable in two positions: maximum comfort for your children.
  • Totally removable: no milk stains on the entire structure.
  • Prolonged use: you can use it from 6 months of age up to 25 kilos. All you need to do is adjust the seat belts and footrest.
  • Guaranteed stability and resistance: the stroller can go on any type of terrain, thanks to the wheels that absorb shocks.
  • Availability of all spare parts: in case something breaks, contacting customer service (WhatsApp, Messenger, mail or phone) will order the parts you need. Depending on the damage and the cause, shipping is free.

A strong point: the accessories

Speaking of accessories, we had the opportunity to say that light strollers are not always well supplied. This does not apply to StregginoPiuma0 + which, on the contrary, offers several. And completely free. By purchasing this stroller you will receive in addition:

  • 2 bag hooks.
  • Rain cover (also resistant to hail).
  • Mosquito net.
  • Leg cover for the winter.
  • Shoulder strap buckle for carrying on the shoulder.
  • Protective bag to protect it from dust.
  • Storage basket.
  • Large storage pocket.

Deluxe and Platinum versions

If you are a particularly demanding parent, Zanclem has also thought of you with two particular versions of the StrollerPiuma0 +: Deluxe and Platinum. In addition to everything that includes the standard, the Deluxe version adds a warranty extension of 24 months (for a total of 3 years); the extra extendable canopy for maximum protection from the sun and any atmospheric agent; the shoulder strap for backpack transport.

In addition to all these additional accessories, the Platinum version includes a 48-month warranty (5 years overall); the extension of the leg rest (it is padded, which gives even more well-being to the child, and avoids the dangling of the legs); reducer for babies from 3 months (breathable, anti-sweat, comfortable, practical, with removable cushion, machine washable at 40 °).

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