Use of piercings in pregnancy, medical advice

Use of piercings in pregnancy, medical advice

"You can do the piercing in pregnancy? And if I already have one, do I have to take it off now that I'm pregnant? "Mothers-to-be seeking medical advice on the risks of a piercing during pregnancy are becoming more and more frequent. Despite a previous study conducted by a group of researchers from the" Health Protection Agency " "and the" London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine "which revealed that one in four piercings cause health problems, the trend
continues to take hold, even among those expecting a baby.

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But what are the risks involved?

As we read on Paginemediche, if the needle is not new or not properly sterilized, you can risk various diseases and infections transmitted by the blood, such as HIV, liver viruses, or bacterial infections. In pregnancy, the aggravating circumstance is that infections can also be transmitted to the newborn. Also if there were any problems it would be necessary to hire antibiotics, which are not pleasing to the fetus. So the real question to ask is "why take the risk of taking ainfection when the body defends itself less and the immune defenses are weaker? "

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However as we read on several industry sites if the needle used is safe, and an adequate disinfection of the skin is practiced where the hole is made, and of course the staff are experienced and the environment clean there should be no risk. But we take into account that it is not always possible to be completely sure that such conditions exist.

As for the practices to be carried out on the area with the piercing, Teddy Linet, a French gynecologist, would have said on Magicmaman that classic antiseptic products are not contraindicated during pregnancy and must be rinsed after application.

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While for those who already have piercings, how to behave during gestation?

The expert's answer is that it is not dangerous if the orifice is not inflamed, and it does not present any discomfort. Otherwise it is advisable to remove it. Let us also remember that there are suitable piercings during pregnancy, created with neutral and soft plastic material, which limit the inconveniences related to the deformation of the belly during pregnancy.

And if the piercing gets infected, what to do?

First of all you need to remove the piercing. Treat the infected part, and if


does not pass after 48 hours you must consult a doctor. Never underestimate such annoyances!

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there's a'

nurse and a midwife

who can answer your questions. It is also important to always ask your doctor for advice, who can advise you and evaluate your medical condition. The article published here is purely informative

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