Valentine's Day: how do couples with children spend it?

Valentine's Day: how do couples with children spend it?
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How to celebrate Valentine's Day with children

Valentine's Day is considered by many to be a consumerist and banal party, but in reality it can be an excellent opportunity to rethink your union and to treat yourself to a special moment to share together. But how to celebrate Valentine's Day with children? Is it right to carve out a day (or an evening) just for the couple or is it better to involve the children too?

Certainly when you become a parent there couple changes: balance, rhythms, habits are profoundly changed and it takes a lot of effort to ensure that the solidity of a couple is not affected.

From the point of view female, becoming a mother is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and inexplicable experiences a woman can try and there are two categories of "in love" mothers.


Chores for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the feast of lovers, but love can and must be celebrated even as a child. Here are some chores full of hearts and joy to do with the children

Those who have always celebrated Valentine's Day and those who have never celebrated it.

In the first case there are none problems for the partner: not celebrating it has always been a habit even when we were engaged therefore, that minimum distance that the man feels from his woman (mother of his child) is completely normal.

The problem arises in the second case. When a child arrives, a woman's attentions all go to the little one. Demonstrations of affection, hugs, kisses and the dad can feel cast aside.

In fact, many claim that thearrival of a son extinguishes the fire of the couple and is a reason for the loosening of the love relationship. Not to mention the anniversaries: the mother begins to forget them.

From the point of view male, the constant attention that one's partner pours on the child can lead the father to carve out some own and solitary spaces. The mid-week five-a-side football game becomes a tournament, dinner with colleagues on Friday evening turns into a lunch that lasts until Sunday, with an attached disco on Saturday; and, finally, overtime work increases a lot: “my wife is busy with the baby”.

So here in these cases Valentine's Day can and must be the right occasion for rekindle the fire of passion, cultivate the understanding and harmony of the couple, take a moment just for you or to demonstrate to yourself that, even with children, it is possible to dedicate a whole day to love, that children have not reduced love , indeed they have amplified it.

What to do on Valentine's Day if the children are small

Here are some tips on what to do if you have young children. Small children go to bed soon and this is the right time to turn off the television, dress up cute and enjoy one romantic dinner. You don't necessarily have to cook at home, you can to sort sushi or a fish-based dinner. Or, you can think of the ideal menu together and choose to cook together while sipping a glass of wine, lighting lots of scented candles and preparing some aphrodisiac food that awakens desire.

If the baby is small, but even if he is older, he can entrust to grandparents or to a trusted person and go out to dinner, go to the cinema (how long have you been there?), to the theater or simply to have a drink in a place where live music is played. It takes very little to get away from the typically homely atmosphere and feel the fire of passion and fun rekindling.

What to do on Valentine's Day with your children

Many couples, on the other hand, love spend Valentine's Day with your children. It is certainly a propitious occasion to convey to children the true meaning of the love that binds husband and wife, but also to involve them in a romantic atmosphere they want to be part of. You can arrange to return from work earlier and spend the afternoon and evening at home:

  • preparing a cake heart-shaped romantic;
  • setting up a Dinner involving children in the preparation;
  • by hiring a film romantic or a classic;
  • taking a holiday and planning a trip all together. It is not necessary to go out of town, even a walk downtown with a romantic lunch, or a picnic in the park can be a fun and intimate way to spend the day;
  • making small jobs and gifts for mom and dad.

Valentine's Day cards

On Valentine's Day we create delicious and romantic greeting cards to be found at the table. A card for each member of the family, with a love phrase for each, in order to give free voice to their feelings.

Drawings with children

To color is one of the activities and pastimes most loved by children, and then we can look for many drawings to print and let the children color freely in the afternoon of Valentine's day. Eventually we could set up a small exhibition with their masterpieces in the living room to surprise dad when he comes home from work.

Visit the city of Terni on the weekend

Terni is the city of Valentine's day few people know this delightful and romantic Umbrian town, yet it is worth planning a short trip to Terni to stroll through the historic center, visit the many neighboring villages and take a trip to the nearby Marmore Falls.

Recipes to prepare with children

If you have opted for one family dinner to Valentine's day here is a selection of romantic, easy and tasty recipes to prepare together with the children. The dessert will have a fundamental place in the menu: it must be heart-shaped, have cream, chocolate, strawberries to satisfy everyone's tastes and be a joy for the eyes.

Chores to do with the children

As we suggested, the afternoon of Valentine's day it may be dedicated to the creation of a chore which may be a welcome little gift for mom and dad. Do not turn this anniversary into yet another consumerist party of which we will only have the memory of the money spent on the usual item of clothing, the best idea is to make some handmade gifts together with the children, perfect all those jobs that celebrate the family union, like a frame, a heart or a bracelet.

Watching movies together

And to conclude the evening, after the delivery of handmade gifts, after having tasted one Dinner based on dishes cooked with the children, it is time to open the heart-shaped cake and sit down on the sofa to watch a romantic movie. Some idea? If you reject the idea of ​​having to put on a Cartoon even on Valentine's Day choose a great classic, such as a romantic story that will appeal to children, or even Hancock, the story of a superhero that is truly out of the ordinary.

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