Valentine's Day via tweet or sms: the most beautiful phrases to send

Valentine's Day phrases for parents

Here comes the most romantic party of the year. Here are the most beautiful Valentine's Day phrases for parents: love phrases and the most passionate quotes to send to your loved one for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day phrases of love

It happens that in the frenzy of everyday life there is no way and time to tell your partner what you feel for him, perhaps utter words of love or gratitude. Valentine's Day calls us to order and offers us the opportunity to rethink the feelings we have towards our partner and express them simply.

Here are some love phrases to send via whatsApp or to find written on a note next to the morning cup of coffee

  • Between the noises of the crowd there are the two of us,

happy to be together, talking little,

maybe not even a word

W. Whitman


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  • We were together. I forgot all the rest of the time

W. Whitman

  • There are certain looks of a woman that the loving man would not trade with the entire possession of her body

Gabriele D'Annunzio

  • I am also a simple girl

standing in front of a boy

and she's asking him to love her ...

from the love movie "Notting Hill"

  • Love, in its essence, is spiritual fire


Valentine's Day greetings for parents

Becoming a parent often makes you lose sight of the couple and their needs. A little free time to devote to oneself, leisure and intimacy are in many cases relegated to the last place of daily priorities and this can contribute to alienating partners. On Valentine's Day is the right time to pronounce challenging and meaningful sentences that strongly express the feeling that unites two people who have built a family and are full of projects.

  • Everything I love loses half of its pleasure if you are not there to share it with me


  • I will show you a love filter without poisons, without herbs, without magic formulas: if you want to be loved, love!


  • To love is to put our happiness in the happiness of another

GW from Leibnitz

  • Love is composed of a single soul that inhabits two bodies


  • Love is the poetry of the senses

Honoré de Balzac

  • To love someone means to see a miracle invisible to others

Francois Mauriac

  • Love: offering of oneself, in the yes of fidelity to the last breath

Leo Buscaglia

  • We are angels with one wing; only hugging each other can we fly

Luciano De Crescenzo

Valentine's Day phrases for the family

Valentine's Day is the feast of lovers and it is worthwhile to involve children in the celebration of this day, to teach them what love is and what it means to love.

  • Love looks not with the eyes, but with the soul ...

William Shakespeare

  • Genuine love is always compassion; and any love that is not compassion is selfishness.

Arthur Schopenhauer

  • One word frees us of all the burden and pain of life: that word is love


  • You never get a second chance to make the first impression


  • Plug your ears, loud, louder, louder and louder ...

Do you feel how much I love you?

from the love movie "Love me if you have courage"

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  • The greatest thing you can learn

is to love and let yourself be loved!

Dal film d'amore "Moulin Rouge"

  • Love is like oxygen!

Love is a wonderful thing, it lifts us up to heaven! All we need is love!

Dal film d'amore "Moulin Rouge"

  • There is only one happiness in life: to love and to be loved

George Sand

  • Only by loving can we learn to love

Iris Murdock

  • Love is the river of life in the world

Henry Ward Beecher

  • Love is the key that opens the gates of happiness

Oliver Wendell Holmes

  • Listen with your heart, and you will understand


  • Being loved is more than being rich, because it means being happy

Roy Croft

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the wife complains that I never take her to luxury places, so x # Valentine's Day we go to the gas station

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If there can be any consolation, it is not only today, it is also the rest of the year that nobody wants you. Happy Saint Valentine's

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The first TT is already Happy Valentine's Day ... and you want to grab a nail gun and make a killing

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Happy Valentine's Day to all non-practitioners

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Happy Valentine's Day my love. You who are always next to me and who give me unforgettable moments. I love you now and forever, Playstation

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