Vegetables, 10 tips for feeding them to children

La rule of the nutritionists and pediatricians would like ours children they ate five portions of fruit e vegetables everyday. However, the vegetables in particular, struggle to easily entersupply of the most small and this phenomenon sta crescendo more and more. Here you are 10 simple advice to do eat more fruit and especially vegetables to yours children, or at least try it without too much stress.

  1. Give good example. As in all outdoor and rules to follow that from Parents we denote ai children, sin da small, if that rule la we respect also we or if at the table we don't do too much i meticulous us too, it will be more easy than ours son follow theexample. The same goes for the vegetables and for fruit. If a parent no don't it eats, hardly the small may think that consume him be a good.
  2. Involve i children already in choice area of fruit and vegetables which we will then ask him to eat. To the supermarket or market let's do it sniff, choose, imbue the vegetables or fruits. They will certainly be more curious to try them.
  3. Arrived at casa, then, another trick lies in the fact of making them become of the little ones Head. Entrusting him preparations simple, or the cleaning under thewater.
  4. Another element not to be underestimated is theplating. The greats say it Head for their dishes starry, but the ancient adagio that "even theeye he wants his part”Also applies to the table of all giorni: space for dishes chromatically smart and tempting and vegetables with shapes strange e funny. They can be done with molds to desserts, or are found in some cases in the packaging frozen
  5. You can too prepare le vegetables in formats e recipes different and detailssuch us Meatballs, omelettes, the bocconcini. Or for the fruit: shakes, Estratti e creme tasty. 
  6. In any case it is better to choose vegetables more crunchy, maybe jumping him quickly in padella or fornoinstead of those excessively cooked it's too much soft and.
  7. Altra possibility to put a table le vegetables in a manner endearing is to propose them on the pizza
  8. Un advice good in all cases concerns the portions: better small e distributed, maybe in saucers different and colored or in those dishes divided with various sections. It will make more funny e easy make the square clean of each area. 
  9. No connect un prize vegetables or to fruit to to convince children a eat. And even in the reverse case, don't give in to blackmail, you would associate the to consume these alimony in a moment unpleasant di friction parent-child.
  10. Finally to vary often preparazione e recipes. Propose again vegetables e fruit refuse with others methods, Because the curiosity of the children could win the initial distrust
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