Vegetarian weaning, an increasingly popular choice

Vegetarian weaning: A debate fierce, indeed a real one battle which will probably never end. On the one hand, there are the supporters of this choice (including many pediatricians) which underline i benefits  is preferably used for health, on the other hand i opposed, who see it more as a 'imposition towards children, if not even one madness. As in all things, the virtù lies in mezzo. But it's undoubted which are more and more moms and Pope who prefer one for their children vegetarian weaning.

The biggest fan of this diet even for most children was the oncologist Umberto Veronesi, vegetarian convinced for purely reasons health-conscious. After a case of chronicle which concerned a bimbo "Vegetarian" hospitalized in hospital for symptoms of shortage di vitamin B12, did not hide his point of view: "Get used to a child to adopt a Vegetarian diet since weaning it means to give it a advantage in terms of health, because it is equipped with one defense strong and lasting against many diseases of adulthood ".

The fact that the animal proteins predispose to the onset of many diseases it is now known and, consequently, there are many a to wonder if it is right or not get the children to take them a lot small. Here we do not want to enter the merit area of correctness or less of the choice (it is a very fact staff), but analyze some important ones point of the matter. Why, if well planned, with the support of a pediatrician or of an nutritionist, the vegetarian weaning it's possible.

Let's start with a fact incontrovertible: A neonate 6 months (i.e. the time when the weaning) is already vegetarian because the only one food he has known so far is the XNUMX cups milk, mother or formula that is. The first food "True" that is usually introduced is the fruit, then the vegetables, the cereals and vegetable, so the road is always the same.

Il problem so it shows up when you should to insert la meat and fish: if you are not among the "fans" of the weaning vegetarian, try to to delay as much as possible this moment (unless you use homogenized, but another would open there chapter).

Critics of the weaning "green"Argue that the risk higher is that of shortage of some nutrients important for the growth some children: vitamin B12 (found predominantly in foods di origin animal), football, iron, protein. But you know that most of the alimony on the market for i Infants are integrated with these substances? And also a 6 months, when it starts it weaning, XNUMX cups milk still has great importance in diet of the newborn. Especially if you are still breastfeeding him breast (and we hope so!), remember to take specific supplements (for example just of Vitamin B12) for "passare”To your baby everything he needs.

And the protein? Nello vegetarian weaning, requirements protein is ensured by combining i cereals with vegetable. Just a little bit of fantasy.

Especially in the beginning, it weaning it is similar, whether it be children "veg" that onnivorously. Fruit (grated or cooked), creams of cereals without gluten, for an broth vegetable a lot light with carrots, potatoes e zucchini (only if the period is right!), a teaspoon di oil extra virgin olive oil. Filtrate the broth: theintestine your baby is not ready for fibers.

I cereals they must be refined (for the same reason that the vegetable broth must be filtered). It is advisable to enter those whole seeds after 12 months. Choose rice, but, tapioca, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, Quinoa, manioca. Then you can add semolina, oats, barley, multigrain, small pasta.

From the sixth month, yes a cheese ipolipidico, parmesan o grana grated, tofu (natural and well crushed in the gruel), a teaspoon of wheat germ (source of Omega 3 and 6). To promote the absorption of iron, add a few drops of juice lemon to food.

From seventh month arrive i vegetable. You could start with the lentils peeled red, which they do not have peel and they are more digestible, to add the others slowly. Always put them in soaking for 12 hours and, after the cooking, they go passati, not smoothies.

As regards the dairy product, the "clash" It's open. There are those who say yes to fresh cheeses (To cow or goat) and those who argue that at least up to a year it is better to leave lose. Trust yours pediatrician.

A strong point of the vegetarian weaning are the semi oily, also preferred by those who choose this regime power from adult. If there is no problem with allergy in the family, from the eighth-tenth month you could insert one teaspoon in baby food or try creme based on these semi (linen, sesamo, poppy, sunflower) o l'linseed oil, which brings protein, Calories e "good" fats.

From the ninth month go ahead to egg yolk egg, while from the year onwards dried fruit ground and typically "veg" products, such as Tempeh e seitan, in addition to the whole egg. You can also try various types of vegetable milk (soy, almond, rice), but if you are still breastfeeding try to to maintain the habit to breast! From this era, thesupply of the little ones should be more and more similar to yours: a good one occasione to give you some good rules health you adults too.

We conclude by reiterating a concept fundamental: if for us great experience diets and foods can be a kind of "game“, With the little ones of the house there guard it must always be high. See you for vegetarian weaning because you think it can do good to your children, ask advice to whoever is more expert of you. The outcome it certainly will be secured. Without risks for health.

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