Vision problems during pregnancy, the remedies

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Visual disturbances in pregnancy

Having vision problems is a very common phenomenon in pregnancy, destined to pass quickly, but which can be a cause for anxiety for the expectant mother. They are generally transient symptoms that do not make vision worse, as was once believed. Are dry eyes, seeing sparks, worsening myopia or contact lens discomfort all transient symptoms? Let's see which are the most common and frequent visual disturbances in pregnancy.

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  • Swollen eyelids
  • When to worry?

Dry eye

It is a frequent symptom, due to hormonal changes that lead to the reduction of the tear film causing the sensation of dryness. You can solve the problem with the use of artificial tears, choosing with the pharmacist's advice a product without preservatives, therefore indicated in pregnancy.

Floaters in pregnancy

Sparks or short flashes are visual disturbances due to a strain on the retina, due to pressure changes or iron deficiency. If the scotomi they are frequent during the day and are associated with high blood pressure and should be referred to the ophthalmologist during a specialist check-up.

Worsening of myopia

That pregnancy or breastfeeding can worsen myopia is a popular belief also expressed by La Leche League, the world organization in support of breastfeeding. Myopia is a disorder that tends to progressively worsen over the years, but this happens both to women who have had children and nursed them, and to those who have not had any. Sometimes the worsening is noticed in the puerperium, but in the majority of cases these are transitory situations.

Blurred vision in pregnancy

Blurred vision may be due to hormonal changes or iron deficiency, in the latter case it is better to consult your doctor who will prescribe the appropriate blood tests for a check and if necessary will prescribe supplements.

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Contact lens discomfort

La reduction of the tear film it can make wearing contact lenses, especially soft ones, more annoying. In this case it is better to consult the ophthalmologist and evaluate whether it is appropriate to stop wearing contact lenses until the baby is born.

Swollen eyelids

Feeling the eyelids more swollen than usual is a symptom that must be kept under control. It could be a sign of simple irritation or high blood pressure, especially if you also notice swollen hands. It is advisable to consult your doctor and periodically check your blood pressure.

When to worry?

Visual disturbances during pregnancy they are often a mild and short-lived problem. If in doubt it is always better to consult your doctor and request an eye examination especially if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension. Most vision problems that can occur during pregnancy disappear on average in the first two months after giving birth

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