Vitamins and supplements for newborns: when and which ones are needed

Vitamins e supplements ai Infants Yes or no? She is one of the questions most common among the moms struggling with theirs small just come to the world. Because you can be drawn to think which, being so tiny and apparently defenseless, need a "help external"In drops o syrups. In fact, this is it true in some respects, less instead for others.

In this post we will examine the Vitamins D e K, iron and fluorine, namely Vitamins e supplements of which you hear more often speak and on which sometimes a little bit of confusion su mode e times di assumption and on their real need.

But let's start from a concept. Nursed babies artificially they usually don't have need to hire Vitamins e supplements why the XNUMX cups milk formulated is already enriched by various nutrients. Just read thelabel to notice it.

Starting from first-second month of life of yours puppy, the pediatrician will prescribe the vitamin D, essential for it development and reinforcement of the bones and much more. You know that we too adults we should make some stocks? Yes, because his effects benefits are many!

La source main and more effective for the production of vitamin D and the Sun, in particular i ray ultraviolet B. Basically those more harmful, hitting the ground from 11.30am to 15pm. Would you ever think of expose un neonate to these ray without protection solar? Of course No.! Everyone knows that with Sun you have to go there looking, especially with the more children. So here is that the supplementation to mouth it is essential, especially for the little ones breastfed al breast. The breast milk contains little vitamin D.

La vitamin D protects against rickets (a disease that you thought disappearance, but this is not the case) and from some pathologies autoimmune, favors the immune response against virus e bacteria (this explains why in winter, when there is less Sun, you get sick more), it is useful for the cardiovascular prevention as well as oncological. Understood why we should turn her on we too adults?

Le recommendations they claim to give vitamin D to children up to un year of age, but for his own benefits you might even think of extend this period. Ask the pediatrician. And anyway, for how long possible, always try to expose so adequate the little ones al Sun. If taken right, it is only a cure-all!

La Vitamin K is important to the coagulation of blood and serves a to prevent the two diseases bleeding, one that could occur at the birth and the other by third month. There vitamin K is administered routine immediately after the delivery and on his prosecution in time there are rules precise. However, there are those who argue that children breastfed al breast they should take it at least until third month, to avoid hemorrhages late. Again, yours medical health insurance will know advise you to the best.

In the variegated world di Vitamins e supplements there is also the iron, indispensable to each child. His lack in the first year and a half of life can result in severe problems the development and behavior. We therefore understand theimportance not to may miss the little one.

Unless they are premature, the Infants they are born with a buffer stock di iron enough for the former 4-6 months of life. The breast milk does not contain quite a lot of, so you don't need to take anything. When you start it weaning try to introduce alimony that they have supplements di iron, as cereals enriched, meat e vegetables greens. Remember that adequate assumption di Vitamin C makes it absorb better iron.

- supplements in drops they are not good for children small because they are not well tolerated. THE pediatricians they prescribe it only in the case of true need.

Between Vitamins e supplements, a real apple of the discord and the fluorine. Broadly speaking, experts say that in the former six months of life, integration is not necessary and even after this time not all are agree. doses too Elevate di fluorine can trigger the fluorosi, which comes up with whitish streaks on teeth. So pay attention also to toothpastes that contain fluorine: when the little ones start washing i teeth do not put toothpaste on brush. It is not so important.

According to the other school of pensiero instead the assumption of fluorine it should start as early as first month of life. For example, if breastfeed, they might advise you to take a supplement, so from "passare"The fluorine to the newborn through the XNUMX cups milk. But as we always say in these cases, the best advice will be able to give you yours pediatrician of trust.

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