Water for babies, when to start and which one to choose

With the hot increasingly forte andsummer which now does peeking out question it arises spontaneously in each mum: but my baby won't have sete? It will not be the case to do so beer? A question that appears discounted to us adults, struggling with the highs temperature which require a greater requirements di liquid. But that's not about most people children. So let's say it right away: give water ai Infants is not necessary.

Let's calm down: L 'water of which they have need the little ones is already contained in your XNUMX cups milk. That - it's worth it remember it - and modification spontaneously depending on the needs nutritional of yours son. So, with the breastfeeding al breast, bimbo nothing is missing, water including, which constitutes about the88% of your XNUMX cups milk.

In the period Summer, it's good habit try to do it attack a little more often, but stay serene: he will be himself a regulate and ask yourself. If he does a suck brief, he probably just had sete. Are tiny and they appear defenseless, but they know very well what the need. Even after a few giorni from birth.

Il message is this: do not give in to "pressures" - how long desserts may be - of grandmothers or delle zie who propose you to taste thewater ai Infants with the teaspoon: it's not really a thing indispensable. Just as it is not the case with giving water ai Infants, the same is true for others beverages, as tea, herbal teas o chamomile, especially if they are sugared. In addition to a problem of sugar, they might to fill too small stomach and then to interfere with l 'nursing because the little one may already arrive "satiated”To the appointment with yours breast.

Nothing addition di water ai Infants even if they are breastfed artificially. The XNUMX cups milk in formula in fact it is made up for the 95% da water, therefore also in this case the requirements di liquid è secured.

In short, we come to point: if I'm not here clinical situations that they make necessary a hydration massive (for example, in case of serious problems gastrointestinal), when to give thewater to most small? TheOrganization world of the Health (WHO): not beforeintroduction of the foods solid, namely alone when you start it weaning, let's say around the 5-6 months.

At that point, you can begin to give water ai Infants, but it is not compulsory not even this one tappa: the first foods (le baby food) must have a consistency rather liquid and are in any case based on water o broth. Start small amountfrom 30 ai 50ml, during the Easter.

Which water choose? Ask for advice from pediatrician, who will know how to give you the best indicazioni. In general, it is better to prefer waters oligominerali, obviously natural and possibly in bottles di glass why less deteriorating compared to the plastic.

And thewater of tap? It depends where do you live from. If you stay in one area where it is declared drinking and you always have it drunk, then none problem. But if you are not quite certain that it is appropriate to give it to Infants use that bottled or boil it and do it cool down before doing it beer to yours puppy.

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