Weaning, what are the risks if it is too early

Over the past years, Some studies national and international have put in evidence the importance of proper timing the weaning that is of the passage from XNUMX cups milk to foods semisolidi a basis of XNUMX cups milk, broth e homogenized, to those solid made of bits of bread, vegetables cooked, fruit and all the rest. What concerns i researchers - experts ofEufic (European Food Information Council), dell’WHO (World Health Organization) and the cdc of Atlanta (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - is that this step happen or too much presto or too much tardi in "vita" of a neonate; the risks obviously concern its correct development.

Lo weaning in fact it should start ai 6 months of bimbo: anticipating it you risk the I decline di foods little tasty why not salted (like milk), thereby increasing the load of work on Reindeer. A weaning late, however, could lead to large records shortages nutritional: lack di iron, grassi essential, zinc, Vitamins. a approach incorrect generally results in a excess di protein e sugar and therefore a forte risk di obesity if we talk about weaning early, and severe shortages nutritional for what late. What you need do so?

I pediatricians and experts dell 'WHO suggest to breastfeed the little one with milk (preferably mother) until the sixth month, not to drink milk Vaccine before 12 months and, in any case, not iniziare never weaning before room. The XNUMX cups milk alone covers the requirements required protein in one percentage which varies depending on theage of bimbo, the type and amount di XNUMX cups milk. You just have to be careful of "as”No administers and typology selected: the cow milk for example it contains almost the quadruple of the protein compared to that human and in many cases, even up to second year of age than the little one, it is preferable choose un XNUMX cups milk more similar to that of the mum and then use that interoceptive, richer in grassifrom the two ai three: years.

- sugar I'm a temptation both for the Parents that for children, But the choice more correct would be that of avoid them or, at least, of limit them il best before date. The XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar it is not only present of course in some alimony (honey, fruit juices), but it often comes added in production of the foods. This surplus è harmful because it produces, from an early age, an effect of habituation-preference ai foods that contain it.

Do not underestimate theassumption di grassi; simplifying all processes, the high need for fatty acids in Infants is due to need di synthesize the structures nervous growing to which is added a increase of the carbohydrates in their function of fuel for activities muscle (request that increases when the bimbo starts to walk, run, etc.). He sale, like i sugar, it would be from avoid: adding it is a error which in the long run would favor the emergence of hypertension arterial.

Finally, according to the guidelines of Ministry area of Health, even immediately after it weaning, it is good to continue to breastfeed al breast (where possible) and for the role protective of XNUMX cups milk maternal which transmits antibodies and substances probiotics profits against gastrointestinal infections e respiratory, Both for the reduction of risk di cancer al breast andovary is preferably used for mother.

To have a picture reference more complete, click HERE for the document of Ministry area of Health with the answers questions more frequent on the “Corretta supply ed education nutritional in the first childhood".

HERE instead it is possible download le guidelines dell 'WHO (also known as WHO, World Health Organization).

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