What are uterine bites after childbirth?

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Many women think that once the fatigue of labor and childbirth is exhausted, only the most beautiful part remains, enjoying the newborn baby. And it is so! But it is also right to know that the body needs to recover and, for this reason, recovery mechanisms are triggered that can vary in intensity and duration from woman to woman. Among these, there are certainly the uterine bites

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What are uterine bites

Who already has given birth he knows: after the birth of the child, we must proceed with the so-called afterbirth, that is, the expulsion of the placenta. This is the first step in returning the uterus to its pre-pregnancy characteristics. Once freed of the fetus and placenta, the uterus he sets to work to return to a shape similar to that before gestation, that is, less than 10cm compared to over 30 in the ninth month. In the first few days, the belly still appears swollen, so much so that many women believe they still seem to be expecting and fear that they will never return "as before". In reality, it is from this moment that you begin to feel the uterine bitesthe postpartum contractions: A few hours after birth, but also for several days after, the uterus regularly contracts to shrink. 

How postpartum uterine contractions are triggered

As we said, uterine bites usually begin a few hours after delivery: it means that the uterus has set to work to recover its normal size. This process is called uterine involution and it is completely involuntary: it is the body itself that triggers it. Uterine bites can last anywhere from a couple of days to a week or more, and they contribute to stop bleeding post partum and reduce them to simple lochiazioni, that is, blood losses that last about a month. 

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Breastfeeding and uterine bites

One of the times when uterine bites are felt is definitely breastfeeding: by latching the baby to the breast, the brain receives the p impulseproducing oxytocin, the hormone that helps labor and delivery of the placenta precisely because it induces contractions and, therefore, the push towards the outside of the fetus and what kept it alive. 

Do not be surprised, therefore, if you feel breastfeeding pain in the uterus: on the one hand, the nipple sucking stimulates the production of oxytocin which causes the smooth muscles of the mammary glands to contract, favoring the flow of milk; on the other hand, it activates contractions of the uterine walls. 

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When uterine bites are too painful

It may happen that the postpartum contractions are very painful, so much so that they become unbearable, especially during feedings. If this were your case, get advice from those who follow you in the hospital or at home painkiller that can keep pain at bay. But rest assured: it is a matter of a few days, then the uterine bites will stop and with them the pain they cause with each contraction.

Do uterine bites make the belly disappear?

However, we must not confuse the uterus and the belly: as we said, many women still see one pregnancy belly after childbirth. This is completely normal and you don't have to worry about it, you just gave birth to a baby! But while the uterus returns to a similar size to what it was before you were pregnant, the belly is something else. Don't worry about it now, though: now you need to focus on the newcomer and focus on physical recovery. It is not mandatory to get back "in shape" as they want you to believe, but if you want to do it, just wait for the ok from your doctor forty days after the birth.

Uterine bites are physiological contractions of the uterus who works, after giving birth, to return to her normal shape. Annoying, but necessary!


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