What does it mean to be a mom?

What it means to be a mother

Mother's job is perhaps the most difficult, and undoubtedly one of the most varied. Circumstances require us to learn to do a lot of tasks that were previously completely foreign to us. Being a mother requires a thousand skills carried out with determination, a spirit of improvisation and a pinch of imagination. We have tried to list a few.

  • Carry out the normal activities of the day having 3 hours of sleep behind him.
  • Being able to prepare three or four different dinners in 15 minutes and with continuous sources of disturbance and in this case: one attached to the leg and one that targets you with questions and requests like a machine gun.
  • Go back to being daughters: unsolicited recommendations and advice will rain from our mother, but also indispensable and unconditional support.
  • Take an honorary medical degree: every day faced with a large series of symptoms - often expressed by a child who cannot speak but “seems a bit strange to you”, you formulate diagnoses and establish the appropriate treatments.
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  • Overcoming your worst fears eradicating with gratuitous cruelty any insect found near the cradle or bouncer of the royal baby.
  • Overcoming the deep hatred that until now you had always felt towards those who wake you up early on Sunday morning.
  • Learn to get by in small practical chores such as: fixing toys; assembling very complicated Legos at 11 pm; dry the phone that has fallen into the toilet with a hairdryer.
  • Master the art of diplomacy and compromise, having to deal with a creature that is often unreasonable and strongly determined to get what it wants.
  • Getting to grips with the new you: the one who returns to check that he has locked the car and in doing so leaves the keys on the roof.
  • Learn to remove everything from any material, and that the nastiest things can go away with a good scratch if you have the patience to let them dry on your clothes.
  • Become one of the top experts of children's literature: one of your most notable skills is knowing how to recite all your favorite books by heart. So while you read them you can close your eyes, just a minute… Zzzzzzz….

Diary of a mother | PHOTO

Being a mom in Lucy Scott's illustrations

  • Improvise yourself as a personal hair stylist for your daughters: when you've mastered Elsa's braid, it's done.
  • Decide that from now on only homemade cookies and give up the night you fall asleep with your face in the pastry.
  • Decide that from now on only homemade carnival costumes and give up when your daughter pleads with tears in her eyes: "Mom, this dress is not exactly the same as Elsa's."
  • Realize that your latest searches on Google they are, in the order: "because the sea water is salty" "what is the scalene triangle" "pink poop what to do".
  • When you go to collect, enter all the ATM PINs you ever had except the current one. Deciding to write it on your hand next time. Go and collect with the tattooed hand, succeed and leave, forgetting the money there.
  • Lead a conversation with your friend by being interrupted 10-15 times per minute and stay calm.

Are you a mother if ... | PHOTO

"You're a mom if ...": All the qualities that make mom a superhero

  • Become your child's psychologist but also the kindergarten teacher of your children, grandparents, babysitter and so on and so forth.
  • Become your children's taxi driver when they start playing sports and other activities.
  • Become an event planner for birthday parties, playdate and various recurrences.
  • Manage situations with an intolerable and disproportionate level of stress.
  • Develop X-ray vision on the basis of the principle that "use makes the organ", after years after dinner has seen you employed in the tireless search for tiny pieces of lego, tiny hair clips for dolls, tiny legs of the Smurfs of the Kinder egg.
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