What is numerology and how to understand more about our children with numbers

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Numerology and children

Understanding newborns seems complicated and we think that as soon as they speak it will be easier: in reality parenting remains the most complex job in the world because children are part of us, but also creatures with their own personalities. But what if you could know more about them thanks to numbers? Let's see what we can understand with numerology and children.

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What is numerology

La numerologia it is a branch of esotericism for which numbers have not only a quantitative but also a qualitative value. What does it mean? It means that through numbers we can understand more about people and what surrounds us. And how can you use all of this to get to know your children better? 

In summary, in numerology life is divided into three different cycles, each made up of 365 lunations (i.e. 28 years and 4 months). The first cycle indicates what needs to be learned, the other two what can be achieved.

Numerology applied to children

Basically, to use the numerology applied to children all you need is something we already know: name (including a second or third party), surname and date of birth. To each letter, through a conversion, a number is associated. After assigning a number to each letter, they are added together to obtain a single number from 1 to 9, which has different meanings that express the gifts and critical points.

The first baptismal name refers to the body, while the following ones are related to affectivity. The surname tells us what we represent in our family and on a spiritual level. 

Thanks to the numbers, therefore, it is possible to understand more about the life path, on the training cycle and in general on how the child or young person relates to the world around him. Expresses his potential? Is there something blocking it? 

Obviously thenumerological analysis it cannot be done by chance but you need someone who knows how to interpret it, even if there are several books that help you orient yourself among the numbers applied to life. You can also try to do it online, but as for astrology, the observation of the complete picture is required in order to be able to give more certain and not approximate answers. 

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What does the date of birth mean?

Without delving into the complexity of numerology applied to the name, we can already make assumptions related to the date of birth of our children. 

First you need to add the numbers of the date of birth, with the full year. For example: May 17, 2022 will become 1 + 7 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1, the result of which is 17. However, the double number is reduced in units: 1 + 7, i.e. 8.

At this point, from the number obtained, it will be possible to arrive at talent, to the dowry of the person born that day. Here is roughly what the numbers mean: 

  • 1 is the primary number, the greatest gift is to be a leader
  • 2 indicates teamwork, the ability to work with others and to empathize
  • 3 is the number of power
  • 4 it represents skills and ambition and is typical of those who can go anywhere
  • 5 is the number of adventure, risk and chaos
  • 6 it indicates charisma, but also grace, education and diplomacy useful in two-person relationships and a great capacity to love
  • 7 it has as its main gift the intellect, which however can cause too many thoughts
  • 8 his destiny is to make money and he has a lot of willpower
  • 9 it is the most representative number of artists, someone who is tormented inside but has talent and creativity 

If you want to know more about the children's numerology we advise you to contact an expert or buy a book to learn more about the subject, you could find out many things about your children!

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