What's your son's name? Ranking of the most used names from 1999 to today

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Male and female names most used in the country

When we have to choose the name of the baby on the way, many factors are called into question. There are those who prefer a familiar, village name that continues a tradition that has lasted for generations, those who choose an original and less common name and those who opt for a name with a classic and ancient flavor. In this delicate phase of choice it may also be useful to know which are the female and male names most used in the country, perhaps making a comparison with the rankings of past years, from 2022 to that of 1999.

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Most popular female and male names in the country in 2022

I most popular names in the country in 2022 I'm Leonardo e Sofia. ISTAT notes this in its latest Year 2022 report "Birth rate and fertility of the resident population" which includes not only the data relating to the birth rate in our country but also the ranking of female and male names most used in the country.

Il decline in births it is still evident: in 2022, 439.747 children were registered in the register, over 18 fewer than the previous year and almost 140 fewer in comparison with 2008.

As for the most popular names, Francesco loses its historical record (it was the most common male name since 2001!) and is overtaken by Leonardo, while Sofia has stood at the top of the rankings for years followed by Giulia e Aurora.

In the ranking of male names we find in the top ten positions:

  1. Leonardo
  2. Francesco
  3. Alessandro
  4. Lorenzo
  5. Mattia
  6. Andrea
  7. Gabriele
  8. Riccardo
  9. Thomas
  10. Edoardo

In the ranking of female names we find:

  1. Sofia
  2. Giulia
  3. Aurora
  4. Alice
  5. Geneva
  6. Emma
  7. Giorgia
  8. Greta
  9. Beatrice
  10. Anna

The experts ISTAT they comment that despite the fact that the parents and the villagers have almost at their disposal thirty thousand names from which to choose the one to give to your child, in the end the first 30 names of the ranking cover 45% of all names attributed to males and 38% of those given to females.

At the level regionalHowever, there are some surprises:

  • Francesco remains in first place only in 4 southern regions: Molise, Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria
  • Giuseppe remains the first name in Campania

For female names:

  • Sofia ranks first in ten northern regions, in Basilicata (on a par with Giulia) and in Calabria.
  • Aurora ranks first in Abruzzo, Molise, Campania and Sardinia
  • Giulia continues to be highly appreciated and is in first place in Molise, Puglia and Basilicata;
  • Martina comes out of the top ten to make room for Anna.

As regards the names attributed to foreign babies residents in the country the ranking is as follows.

For the male names:

  • Adam,
  • Ryan,
  • Youssef,

but there is also no shortage of names such as Matteo, Leonardo Luca, Alessio and Mattia.

For the female names:

  • Sofia,
  • Will be,
  • Dawn,
  • Malak.

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Most popular male names in the country

How do el paeseni orient themselves in choosing the name to attribute to their children? Certainly, over the years, trends have shown that traditional names are always the most popular and popular ones - Francesco, Andrea, Alessandro and Lorenzo have been at the top of the ISTAT ranking for years - but there has been no shortage of innovative choices towards foreign names in recent times. like Nathan or Noah, or particular names, like Glauco or Juri.

here are the 10 male names most popular in the country:

  1. Leonardo
  2. Francesco
  3. Lorenzo
  4. Alessandro
  5. Andrea
  6. Mattia
  7. Gabriele
  8. Thomas
  9. Riccardo
  10. Edoardo

Male names most used in 2022 and 2022

Reading the ISTAT data relating to the most popular names we discover that in the 2022 the most used names were:

Male names

  1. Leonardo absolute value 7.786
  2. Francesco absolute value 5.946
  3. Lorenzo absolute value 5.264

How will the trends in 2022 and 2022? Will Francesco catch up or will Leonardo keep his leadership? Certainly the notoriety of Francis took root above all from 2022-2022 thanks to the popularity of the Supreme Pontiff who enjoys a great following and appreciation, but it is likely that things have changed and that other names emerge, especially more modern ones.

Overall, the number of people born in the country continues to decrease. According to the latest Istat data, in 2022 were born 420.084 children, almost 20 less than in 2022 and more than 156 less than in 2008. Above all, the number of children born to both parents and the villagers decreased: 327.724 in 2022.

Most common female names in the country

If a girl is on the way, the temptation to choose a particular or foreign name for her is always very strong. Yet if we look at the rankings of the last few years we realize that in the end most of the parents are oriented towards a classic name, which is that Sofia who is having so much success, coming to Emma or Martina. But there is no shortage of surprises, such as foreign names, increasingly popular, or names inspired by flowers or colors, such as Viola, which until a few years ago was much loved. 

Here is the complete ranking of 10 female names most popular in the country

  1. Sofia
  2. Aurora
  3. Giulia
  4. Geneva
  5. Alice
  6. Emma
  7. Giorgia
  8. Beatrice
  9. Greta
  10. Vittoria

Most used female names in 2022 and 2022

Which was the trend for 2022?

Female names

  1. Sofia absolute value 5.851
  2. Aurora absolute value 5.467
  3. Giulia absolute value 5.356

What should we expect for the 2022 and 2022? It is unlikely that the name Sofia will be ousted from the top of the ranking in the coming months: as we have seen it is the first female name ever in many regions and the country both in the north and in the center and in the south. We can certainly expect some surprises, especially linked to more peculiar names like Nicole which in 2022 was placed in 16th place and will probably enjoy greater notoriety in the coming months.

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Istat calculator of names by year of birth

A practical and useful one is available on the ISTAT website computer to verify the diffusion of the chosen name. Just enter the name in the field indicated, select male or female and launch a search. The calculator will indicate how many children were called by that name from 1999 to 2022. It is a useful tool for future parents who are choosing the name to give to their child and would like to know first of all how widespread it is.

The calculator is available at this address.

Names less used in the country for children

What if, instead of very popular and popular names, we wanted to choose a rare and not very common one for the newborn?

Here are some tips:

  • opt for a foreign name, perhaps the Spanish or French variant of a name and the classic village, but be careful that it is really different both in writing and in pronunciation otherwise the risk is that people will call your child with the simple, and more well-known, name el village and in the long run he will get tired of correcting the mistake;
  • prefer a classic name, with a long history, which is rare but very traditional;
  • choose a new name, such as short ones or those inspired by characters from television or the world of entertainment.

The most important thing is that the name is easy to pronounce and remember and that it is not ridiculous.

Any suggestions?

For the female names:

  • Isolde;
  • Daphne;
  • Isabel;
  • Emily;
  • Rachel.

male names:

  • Kevin;
  • Aeneas;
  • Angel;
  • Elijah;
  • Roberto.

How to choose the name for my son or daughter

What advice can we give to those who are expecting a child and are faced with the delicate moment of choosing a name? Here are some practical guidelines to keep in mind when choosing the baby's name:

  • say the name and surname aloud to make sure there is harmony;
  • a short name goes well with a long surname and vice versa;
  • choose a name that is not ridiculous or difficult to pronounce;
  • you can choose the lucky name based on its meaning in order to wish your baby the best.

2022 name ranking

Francesco and Sofia were the most popular and popular names also in 2022, when the ranking of male and female names was as follows:

Male names

  1. Francesco    
  2. Alessandro
  3. Leonardo
  4. Lorenzo
  5. Mattia
  6. Andrea
  7. Gabriele
  8. Matteo    
  9. Thomas    
  10. Riccardo

Female names

  1. Sofia    
  2. Aurora
  3. Giulia    
  4. Emma
  5. Giorgia
  6. Martina    
  7. Alice
  8. Greta    
  9. Geneva
  10. Chiara

Most used names in the country in 1999

But how the trends have changed over the years and what were the most popular names for new parents in the 1999? Here are the top ten of that year:

Male names

  1. Andrea    
  2. Francesco    
  3. Alessandro    
  4. Matteo    
  5. Luca    
  6. Lorenzo
  7. Marco    
  8. Davide    
  9. Simone    
  10. Giuseppe

Female names

  1. Martina    
  2. Alessia
  3. Giulia    
  4. Chiara    
  5. Sara    
  6. Francesca
  7. Federica    
  8. Giorgia    
  9. Anna    
  10. Elisa

We can note that if Francesco was still at the top of the ranking, Sofia was not even among the top ten, while Martina was certainly the most loved name by the new parents of girls.

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