What to wear and what to do during labor: the midwife tells us

What to wear during labor

For such an important and little-known event, it is often not known what it can be used for. Here are some advice from the midwife to help you decide what to bring to the delivery room e what to wear during the labor

How to dress in the delivery room

The first question a person must ask is "am I comfortable?" and then choose clothes that make you feel good. During labor, especially at the end, there is the need to feel free, without clothing that tightens and warms up and for this reason it is advisable to take a large and dirty t-shirt to the hospital. Useful wool socks to keep your feet warm at the beginning of labor, slippers that can get wet and a hair cap to wear when you
takes a bath or shower.


Things that happen in the delivery room (PHOTO STORY)

Very strange things can happen during labor, here are a few

Any garment in which you are comfortable is welcome, this can be a jumpsuit, a pajama, a nightgown. It should be borne in mind that these garments can be soiled very easily with blood or become wet during the trevaggio / birth.

Even the partner or whoever will assist, must remember to pack something comfortable and a change, to support your partner you must be comfortable and there is always the risk of getting wet or dirty so it could be useful to pack a swimsuit bathroom in the event that the woman needs to be supported when she is in the shower.

Foods to take to the hospital

Labor can last from a few hours to many, even 8-10 hours, up to 13-15 hours considering the first hours after the baby is born. Trouble, as the word also says, is a tiring thing and requires a lot of energy that must be kept during all those hours and the easiest way is ... to eat!

The recommended foods are the most energetic and easy to take such as fruit juices, dried fruit, honey (the mini packs used by athletes are excellent), chocolate or candies. It is likely that after a few hours of labor you may need energy but in small quantities.

Something more substantial for the partner, if your baby is born at night the hospital often offers just a tea with rusks and the machines do not always have foods that you like.

What to bring to the hospital for childbirth

  • Objects to create the right atmosphere

During labor, the atmosphere is very important, feeling in a safe place like at home so that external interactions are minimal and there is no interference with labor. To transform the delivery room into something more familiar, you can use candles, perfumes, music and everything that comes to mind

If you think that music can help you during labor, you can have an MP3 or CD player or radio, or bring CDs if the delivery room has a player.

Bear in mind that at worst, labor lasts about 7-9 hours ("labor" is that period that starts from a dilation of 3-4 cm and NOT from the beginning of the pain) and therefore a single CD can bore you.

To make the atmosphere more homely and less hospital, perfume or an essence for environments can be sprayed in the air, on one's own clothes or on those of the partner. A good perfume helps create an intimate and personal environment. Essential oils can also be useful to perfume the room. You can bring other objects into the delivery room that make you feel at home like flowers from your garden, your pillow or your blanket.

  • Items to cool off

Hot flashes can be severe during labor and some air can relieve you from the heat. folding fan.

Uno spray with drinking water it can be useful for both refreshment and drinking, the spray can reach your mouth in any position you are.

For pain, gods can be used both hot and cold compresses, for cold ones, cloths are enough that will simply be wet under fresh water, for hot packs you can always use patches to be wet with hot water or hot water bottle to be applied to the skin wrapped in a wet cloth .

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  • Pain relieving items

Another remedy for pain is TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, there are electrical stimulators that have a specific program for TENS and often in the instruction booklet you can find how to position the electrodes and the program to set.

If you have an exercise ball and have found it useful for back pain over the past few months, you can bring that too and use it when you need it.

Do not be discouraged if you arrive in the delivery room the midwife looks at you wrong, explain to him what you want and what is important to you, everything will be fine!

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