Who are the diamond children and how to recognize them

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The universe of children is incredibly multifaceted, especially when it comes to their emotional and brain skills. The theory of Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Rainbow Children supports the idea that, among the new generations of children starting from the seventies onwards, there are some with particularly refined skills thanks to a special aura that must be identified by parents, guarded and nurtured jealously. Also Diamond children they belong to this group of children with special "powers", where by power we mean a more developed psychic and emotional capacity. But are there scientific theories that support these beliefs? And how do you possibly recognize children born under this special aura so that, as a parent, you can cultivate it without letting it wither?

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Diamond children, who are they

Born from some books of New Age philosophy such as "The Indigo Children"by Lee Carrol and Jan Tober, the Indigo and Crystal Children (the latter are the children of the former) as well as the Diamond Children are inspired by the dictates of movement that focuses on the mind and body, in a completely innovative way. the Indigos, the Diamond Children have particular emotional abilities: that is, they have very particular traits in their character and in the way they act, from an early age, because they are "channelers of the new era." The Diamond Children were born from 2022 onwards , while Indigos traditionally associate themselves with children born in the XNUMXs, Crystals with those who arrived on Earth in the XNUMXs. Rainbow children and they too are part of the group of gifted, wise, serene and happy children. With a special ability to read the soul of those in front of them: it is believed that the eyes, often very clear, of these children recognized as special are the door to their great abilities.

Characteristics of the Diamond Children

In New Age philosophy, the Diamond Children are powerful beings who came down to earth in the body of a child to spread wisdom. They are considered the "Masters of Time and Space" and have decided to be welcomed by families capable of recognizing, accepting and cultivating their special being, without repression. Here are the characteristics of the Diamond Children:

  • They prove to be right about everything, so much so that it is easy to believe that they sin of arrogance
  • They have excellent learning skills and academic results
  • They love music and singing
  • They are not self-centered
  • They don't like quarrels

While the Indigo and Crystal Children represent change, the Diamond Children are considered great channelers of energy, capable for example of changing the rhythms of the family they have chosen, their eating habits and limiting their excesses. 

Do Indigo, Crystal and Diamond Children Really Exist?

Many exchange the gifted children with Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Diamond Children, but, while for the former there are many scientific, pedagogical and psychological references that help to enter the minds of children capable of learning and memorizing in an amazing way, for the group of the latter there is no non-self-referential literature. In other words, there are no studies that attest to the real existence of these creatures who, from the seventies onwards, populated the planet Earth in order to be able to love, serenity, peace and harmony. The very concept of aura is not supported by scientific basis: however, there are children with a special sensitivity that must obviously be preserved and pampered by their parents. Recognizing traits related to emotional intelligence and empathy in children is important to help them cultivate these skills, regardless of the color of their aura. Furthermore, as several scientific studies on ADHD demonstrate (for example, Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder of the National Institute of Mental Health), it is always good to treat hyperactive children adequately, recognizing the disorder in the first place. Since the XNUMXs, children with ADHD have often been considered Indigo or Crystal Children, effectively minimizing the psychological problem and greatly widening the mesh of early diagnosis.

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