Who does your son look like? Software tells you (free)

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Technology always offers fun and useful news. Who hasn't thought of finding out who their ancestors were by going back decades and even centuries? Who wouldn't want to know who their children look like or who they look like? Or what if we look more like a VIP than our mom?
A site comes to our aid.
The site in question specializes in family trees: you download the software for free, Family Tree Builder, and you begin to go back through grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and so on, picking up those who have emigrated around the world.

The software uses a facial recognition, therefore in addition to offering aids in the genealogical field, it also allows many other fun uses, that is to check which VIPs look like or resemble our children, or even establish based on scientific certainties that they are not the beliefs of grandparents, if a child looks more like to mom, dad or aunt Concettina.

By uploading the various photos of near and distant relatives, you will finally be able to solve many doubts while having fun with the family
The users who have tried it, and they are millions, it seems they have been satisfied with it, what are you waiting for to try it?

Like Parent

The same principle applies to the free Android app Like Parent, which probably derives from the English expression like father, like son, which can be translated into el paeseno with "such father, such son". This software analyzes the photo of the boy or girl and that of the parents and will tell you, in what percentage, it looks more like mom or dad. It's nothing scientific, just family fun. 

What will my baby look like

Another fun site to check out is What Will My Baby Look Like. As you can guess from the name (which in the village can be translated as "What will my baby look like?"), This is a service that will tell you what the baby's face could be like by combining the faces of the parents with photos. 

baby maker

For those who have Android, we also recommend Baby Maker.

With this app you can see what your child will look like by uploading your photos.

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