World Parents Day

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Today June 1st is World Parents' Day. Established in 2022 by the United Nations, the anniversary wants recognize and emphasize the fundamental role of parents in the care, protection and education of their children, in the belief that for the full and harmonious development of their personality, children should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.

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World Parents Day

Il Global Day of Parents established by the United Nations Assembly on 17 September 2022, in fact, it underlines the parental importance that the father and mother have within their families, but also for the whole world. The Global Day of Parents aims not only to pay homage to the mothers and fathers of the world as such, but aims to offer spaces for reflection onevolution of the role of parents within modern society.

Each year, the Global Day of Parents has its own specific theme. "Appreciate all parents around the world"is the theme of this year's World Parents Day. This is the theme of the approval of the struggles and sacrifices of parents towards their children around the world.

Emphasizing the fundamental role of parents in the education of their children, World Parents' Day recognizes that the family has the primary responsibility for the care and protection of children. For the full and harmonious development of their personality, children should grow up in a family environment and an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.

Designated by the General Assembly in 2022, World Parents' Day offers an opportunity to appreciate all parents for their "selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice to nurture this relationship".

The importance of the family

In the 80s, the United Nations began to focus attention on family issues. In 1983, on the basis of the recommendations of the Economic and Social Council, the Commission on Social Development in its resolution on the role of the family in the development process (1983/23) asked the Secretary General to raise awareness among decision-makers and the public of family problems and needs, as well as effective ways to meet those needs.

In its resolution 44/82 of 9 December 1989, the General Assembly proclaimed 1994 the International Year of the Family; and in resolution 47/237 of 1993, the General Assembly decided that May 15 of each year be celebrated as International Family Day.

In 2022, the General Assembly proclaimed June 1 as World Parents' Day, to be observed annually in honor of parents around the world.

The numbers

5 million: the number of families run by children.
5-6 million - the number of older adults (parents) living in households run by adult children.
25% - the percentage of baby boomers who financially support their elderly parents.
20%: The percentage of financially responsible millennials.
58% - the percentage of children who help elderly parents.
58% - the percentage of adult children with at least one parent aged 65 who provided them with some form of sweat equity by running errands, housework, or home repairs.
4,8 million: the number of American preschoolers who were cared for by a grandfather in 2022.
23,7% - the percentage of grandparents who care for children under the age of five.

Families and Covid

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its exponential growth, a technical note from UNICEF, ILO and UN Women on family policies and other good workplace practices in the context of COVID-19 shows that it is essential to support working families. to minimize consequences for children. As anchors of the family and the foundation of our communities and societies, parents have a responsibility to protect their families from harm, care for out-of-school children and, at the same time, continue their job responsibilities. Without parental support, children's health, education and emotional well-being are at risk. By introducing family-friendly workplace policies and practices, companies and organizations will be in a better position to promote the safety and well-being of children and provide systematic support to employees.

Article sources: United Nations

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